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The Royal Judahite Storage Jar: A Computer-Generated Typology and Its Archaeological and Historical Implications

That’s the title of a new essay just published in Tel Aviv- In this paper, the authors (Sergi, Karasik, Gadot, and Lipschits) present an objective, repeatable and independent computer-generated typology of the Iron Age II Oval Storage Jar, also known … Continue reading

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A Mozart Mass for Your Sunday Morning

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I Didn’t Know Rush Limbaugh Had a Brother…

But this guy must be. As reported by Towleroad, a Cleveland radio personality–Dominic Dieter of WMMS 100.7’s show Rover’s Morning Glory–told the father of a possibly lesbian girl to have his daughter raped by a man until she’s straight. The … Continue reading

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Dan Savage is an Intolerant Hate-Monger

Dan Savage offended some Christian teens when he told them “We can learn to ignore the bull—t in the Bible about gay people.”  Savage made his comments during a speech at the National High School Journalist Conference in Seattle.  After … Continue reading

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Egyptian Burial Practices: A Lecture at Vanderbilt University

By Egyptologist Kara Cooney-

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Quote of the Day

Neque deseramus aggregationem nostri, quemadmodum mos est quibusdam; sed exhortemur, idque eo magis, quia videtis approppinquantem diem. – The author of the Letter to the Hebrews (10:25).

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Jonathan Stökl Is on the Twitter

Here’s his twitter page.  Haven’t yet learned who he is?  Well you can here or here.  He’s a fellow SOTS-ian and a delightful person.  Very much worth ‘following’.

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The Former Head of Israel’s Shin Bet Has No Confidence in Barak or Netanyahu

While America’s Christian Zionists fawn over, slobber for, and unconditionally support Bibi and Barak, those in the know in Israel don’t trust either of them. Yuval Diskin accuses Israel’s leaders of misleading the public on Iran, says they are making … Continue reading

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The University of Pennsylvania is keeping mum on the resignation of a dean of its graduate school, who duped the Ivy League school into believing he had a doctoral degree from Columbia University.  A report this week by the Philadelphia … Continue reading

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It’s Time For Zionism to Retire

So writes Gideon Levy in Ha’aretz: The national liberation movement’s time came and went. Now we have a state. Neither good citizenship nor misdeeds have anything to do with Zionism anymore. Moreover Zionism is already 115 years old; it should … Continue reading

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Ezra, Nehemiah: New Collegeville Bible Commentary

The generous Thomas Bolin has graciously sent a copy of his nifty little volume on Ezra and Nehemiah. The books of Ezra and Nehemiah relate the return of the Jewish exiles from Babylon during the rule of the early Persian … Continue reading

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More Rubbish From Simcha’s Production Company

Simcha’s employees have been waging a comment war against Cargill and Goodacre (and myself) over on Bob’s blog and the always patient and excessively decent Mark Goodacre has had enough of it. He writes, in part I was disappointed to … Continue reading

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Mozart, I Still, Still Can’t Quit You

A beautiful church sonata.

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Life and Faith in Ancient Times: An Exhibition

If you’re in the Philadelphia area surely you’ll wish to pay this exhibition a visit: Ancient handwritten texts of the words that shaped the future of the Western world will go on view this spring in the Mandell Center at … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
Over the last few months I had more reports of academics being let go by Christian-aligned academic institutions, and for what seem to be very minor differences of view on any one of…

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Almost Everything You Buy Comes From 10 Corporations

You don’t have as much ‘choice’ as you think you do after all… via Victoria Nigar on G+ (click to enlarge)

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Quote of the Day

He refused to burn incense to the emperor because he loved the true king; and so they burned him instead. –Polycarp  (via Ben Myers on the twitter)

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The M.O. Of Hershel Shanks

First, a bit of background information.  I along with 4 others moderate a biblical studies discussion list called, I think quite cleverly, the Biblical Studies Discussion List.  It’s a ‘closed list’ which means only members have access to posts and … Continue reading

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A Classic Renewed and Reinvigorated

The old BKAT is coming back to life in a wholly new series of the same title!  Neukirchener Verlag sent along this email: Go here for more.  The publisher’s webpage is here.

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Secular v. Confessional Biblical Studies

A new essay on Bible and Interpretation is worth reading. Recently there has been much discussion on the appropriateness of confessional approaches to the Bible within the academy and of how the discipline fits within the broader context of the … Continue reading

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