Luther: On Rome

Print shows Luther burning papal bull of excom...

Print shows Luther burning papal bull of excommunication, with vignettes from Luther's life and portraits of Hus, Savonarola, Wycliffe, Cruciger, Melanchton, Bugenhagen, Gustav Adolf, & Bernhard, duke of Saxe-Weimar. 1 print : lithograph, color.

Luther’s description of his visit to Rome is priceless:

“I wouldn’t take one thousand florins for not having seen Rome because I wouldn’t have been able to believe such things if I had been told by somebody without having seen them for myself. We were simply laughed at because we were such pious monks. A Christian was taken to be nothing but a fool. I know priests who said six or seven masses while I said only one. They took money for them and I didn’t. In short, there’s no disgrace in Italy except to be poor. Murder and theft are still punished a little, for they must do this. Otherwise no sin is too great for them.”

The Rome of Luther’s day sounds like it could be any city in America right now.  No wonder Luther wasn’t impressed.

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