More Rubbish From Simcha’s Production Company

Simcha’s employees have been waging a comment war against Cargill and Goodacre (and myself) over on Bob’s blog and the always patient and excessively decent Mark Goodacre has had enough of it. He writes, in part

I was disappointed to see Nicole Austin, Associate Producer on The Resurrection Tomb Mystery documentary (The Jesus Discovery in Canada), characterizing this blog as engaging in slander.  In a comment on Robert Cargill’s blog today, she responded to Paul Regnier who  had asked her a question about the scholars working on the project.  She wrote:

You are repeating the same slander which has dominated the Cargill/West/Goodacre blogs and has kept the majority of true scholars away from this discussion. 

Nicole, who works for Associated Producers Ltd., goes on to make other rude remarks, mentioning me by name again, but it is the accusation of slander that I find especially disappointing.

Do note Mark’s polite tone.  Here’s my own response (in comments on Bob’s blog) to Nicole and the others employed by Simcha and doing his dirty work in comments:

I haven’t been following this discussion since, to be fair, comments usually aren’t that interesting. Here, in the case of Simcha’s paid supporters, I’ll simply observe that nothing ‘nicole’ and the others have said is relevant since none of the people who work for him are scholars. Their views are the views of the ignorant.I seriously doubt that they have thought about the subject for more than 5 minutes and their ‘views’ are spoon fed to them in the same way that a baby bird has its mother’s regurgitated stomach contents thrust into its mouth.

The accusation of ‘slander’ is just a red herring – more of the same ‘smoke and mirrors’ which has characterized this whole fiasco. From shifting claims to accusations of ‘ganging up’ on poor benighted besieged Simcha/Tabor it’s all pure rubbish.

The good news is, next week or next month ‘nicole’ and the others will have another project to work on. They’ll probably make up some new nonsense about Jesus living on Masada for awhile and then they’ll issue press releases and find a few under-educated dilettantes or ‘on the payroll’ flunkies (like John and Nicole) to peddle the nonsense.

And they’ll forget all about ‘the jesus discovery’ because, when all is said and done, they’re just passing through the academic landscape as tourists.

Mark is definitely more patient than I am.  But I’m a good bit older and with less lifespan remaining, less likely to waste time trying to be nice to people who don’t deserve the courtesy.  For Simcha’s workers to accuse anyone of slander when one of his own has regularly accused me of anti-semitism and when he himself has accused Cargill of the same is- I’ll just say it- laughable and contemptible.  These dilettantes ought not be allowed within a mile of the bible or its related fields.

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