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Well Ladies, You Have Only Yourselves to Blame

If you don’t want to have children out of wedlock, don’t have sex. If you insist on doing so you should realize that every act of intercourse is potentially going to result in a pregnancy. If you’re surprised that you’ve become pregnant, ladies, in this day and age, you have only yourselves to blame. The power lies with you.

Women do themselves no favors when, on the one hand, they rightly insist that their bodies are their own to do with as they please and then in the next breath lament the fact that they had no control over their partner’s behavior and lo and behold, an unwanted pregnancy resulted. You can’t have it both ways. Either your bodies are your own or they aren’t. Ergo, all the cards are in your hands.

More than two-thirds of pregnancies in unmarried 20-something women between 2001 and 2008 were unplanned, a new study finds.

In 2008 alone, nearly 10 percent of unmarried women ages 20 to 29 experienced an unintended pregnancy. About half of unintended pregnancies in this age group end in abortion, according to the study released Tuesday (April 24) by the non-profit Guttmacher Institute.

The study pulled data on unplanned pregnancy, abortion and miscarriage rates from a multitude of national sources, including the National Center for Health Statistics, the National Survey of Family Growth and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The results revealed that there were 3.4 million pregnancies in women in their 20s between 2001 and 2008. Of these, more than half, or 1.95 million were in unmarried women.

Of those 1.95 million pregnancies, 69 percent were unintentional. The rate was highest in women ages 20 to 24, with 73 percent of pregnancies in this age group unplanned. In women 25 to 29, 63 percent were unplanned.

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The Bible in Five Minutes

From Tim Bulkeley-

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For All Those Who Insist that ‘Children are our Future’: Let the Lamentation Commence


Hand sanitizer with aloe.

If these kids are ‘our future’ let’s just nuke the planet and be done with it.

As many as six California teenagers were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning last month, and two last weekend alone, from drinking hand sanitizer.  Coming on the heels of cough medicine, hand sanitizer is the latest in a string of household products used to  induce intoxication, and it has public health officials worried, as a  few squirts of hand sanitizer could equal a couple of  shots of hard liquor.

That’s not just dimwitted, it’s moronic.  Let’s hope other sensible kids are growing up in other places or we might as well light the fuse and let it burn.  A future with these sorts of people in charge is a future best characterized by an entire world inhabited by the imbeciles of Animal House.

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Life in America


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Pastors, The True Measure of Your ‘Success’…

… isn’t determined by the size of your church but rather by the depth of your fidelity to Christ’s calling.

Some of the country’s biggest heretics are also pastors of the largest churches.  But they have long since abandoned service to Christ and now serve Mammon or Fame.  Such will not hear ‘well done, thou good and faithful servant’ when they meet their Maker.  But if you, humble Minister of the Divine Word, remain steadfast; a good shepherd under the Lordship of the Good Shepherd, you will.  And at the end of the day, that’s the only ‘success’ that matters.

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You Can’t Live if You Only ‘Eat’ Light…

Just in case you find yourself inclined to try the ‘light diet’ that this poor woman tried

Anna Gut (not her real name) was in her early fifties when she saw the film, “In the beginning there was light,” a documentary in which two men claim to survive entirely on light, newspaper Tages Anzeiger reported.

The film, which ran in Swiss cinemas in 2010, portrayed two men, 62-year-old Swiss Michael Werner, an anthroposophist with a doctorate in chemistry, and 83-year-old Indian yogi Prahlad Jani. Both men claimed to derive sustenance from spiritual means rather than the intake of food.

Werner claims he has lived this way since 2001, while Jani says he has lived for 70 years not only without food but also without water.

Anna Gut started her long preparations for the process by reading a book by another proponent of “breatharianism”, 54-year-old Australian Ellen Greve, who also goes by the name Jasmuheen, or eternal air. 

Anna Gut followed the instructions for the first stage to the letter: she had no food or drink for a week, and even spat her saliva out. For weeks two and three, she resumed drinking again, but she visibly weakened and her children became concerned.

She calmed them and promised she would stop should the situation ever become critical. But one day last winter, when she failed to answer the phone, the children broke down the door to find their mother dead inside.

The autopsy showed simply that she had died of starvation, ruling out any other contribution to the cause of death.

Anna Gut was the first to die in Switzerland from attempting to live on “pranic nourishment”, as it is also known, but there have been others who have also died as a result of their spiritual convictions.

Lunacy.  And tragedy.

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Part Two of the Eerdword Interview with Gareth Cockerill

Is right here.  Part one, from yesterday, is here.  Today’s segment features this exchange:

5.    What is special about the Epistle to the Hebrews in relation to the other books of the New Testament? What unique contributions does it make to Christian theology?

Each book of the New Testament makes a unique contribution to the whole. As a result of writing this commentary I believe that the author of Hebrews was an astute theologian and interpreter of the Old Testament whose contribution is on a par with Paul in Romans or with the writer of the Gospel of John. To properly appreciate Hebrews, we only have to think of what we would lose if this work were not in our Bibles. Let me give you several examples:

  • The High Priesthood of Christ. Other books hint at the priestly work of Christ and the sacrificial nature of his self-offering on the cross. Hebrews provides a profound development of these themes.
  • The Pre-Existence and Incarnation of the Son of God. Hebrews shows clearly and emphatically the saving significance of both the eternal pre-existence of the Son of God and of his complete incarnation as the human Jesus.
  • The Nature of Faith. Hebrews offers an understanding of faith that complements and helps to integrate what we learn from John, Paul, and James.
  • Christ’s Fulfillment of the Old Testament. Hebrews is the most comprehensive development of the common New Testament assumption that Jesus fulfills the Old Testament. There is a depth and consistency to the writer’s interpretation that is worthy of emulation. Other New Testament books realize that Ps 110:1 finds its fulfillment in Christ. Only Hebrews extends this to Ps 110:4. Only Hebrews shows how Christ’s death fulfills the Day of Atonement described in Leviticus 16. Only Hebrews expounds the New Covenant passage from Jeremiah. I would argue that these three examples are part of an integrated and comprehensive approach to the Old Testament. Some, like G. B. Caird and Ronald Clements, have considered insight into the Old Testament one of Hebrews’ greatest contributions. It is not amiss to call the author of this book the first “biblical theologian.”

Whether Hebrews stands at the end of the Pauline Letters, as many in the ancient church believed, or at the head of the General Letters, as most of us would now affirm, it is the work of one of the most profound thinkers in the early Church.

Color me intrigued.

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The St. Saviour Monastery (Lebanon) Digitalization Project

A collection of 30,000 books is set to be digitally archived by the priests of St. Saviour Monastery in Joun, Lebanon. The monastery is home to thousands of ancient religious manuscripts including the oldest Arabic Bible printed in 1591 in Rome. The collection has been handed down by priests from generation to generation.

The monastery, which is located in Lebanon’s Chouf Mountains, was founded in 1711 by Bishop Aftimios Sayfi — also known as Euthymios Saifi — of the Melkite Catholic church. He first started collecting the books from across his diocese which stretched from Tyre in Lebanon, to Houran in Syria and across to Georgia in the Caucasus.  “There is a big collection of rare old books in this library which was considered one of the most important libraries and then there are the manuscripts,” said Archmandrite Jean Faraj, General President of Basilian Order of Saint Saviour. Rare books of different categories ranging from literature, theology, poetry, philosophy, church music, psychology, medicine, language, law and holy books, as well as the biographies of saints and popes and periodicals and journals can be found inside the monastery’s library.

Brilliant!  Furthermore-

The library also contains Islamic manuscripts and prayer books in Syriac, Turkish and Arabic, a number of which have been written in gold calligraphy.   “We have books that date from 1200 while some are newer but the majority of the manuscripts are from the 16th and 17th centuries,” said Father Haidamous.  St. Saviour library has survived several incidents of theft and fires and the Lebanese war between 1975-1990 losing hundreds of books from its collection.

Very, very cool.  The link above has a very nice video report as well.

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I’m Off To Buy Some Very Dark Chocolate

Sometimes sciency people actually do research that matters.  Like this.

Bars of black Swiss Chocolate. From left to ri...

Bars of black Swiss Chocolate. From left to right: About 75% cacao; With chili; Normal black chocolate. Deutsch: Von links nach rechts: Hoher Kakaoanteil (um 75%), Mit Chili; Normale schwarze Schokolade.

…  researchers sought to discover what good things would happen if they studied people who ate chocolate every day, and whether different kinds of chocolates produced different health effects. The flav0noids are in highest concentration in the cocoa, which is absent in white chocolate.

The researchers fed either one of two types of dark chocolate or white chocolate to 31 (very lucky) experimental subjects over 15 days, after which they monitored their cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

They found that those who ate either form of dark chocolate had lower blood sugar levels and better cholesterol ratios, more “good” cholesterol or HDL, and less “bad” cholesterol, or LDL, compared to the white chocolate group.

Given these positive changes in factors associated with heart disease, researchers concluded that dark chocolate was the most likely to reduce risk of future cardiovascular disease. …

Dark chocolate… now, how to limit intake so as not to become a 500 pounder….

[NB- Swiss chocolate is the very best.  Bar none].


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The Problem With the Church: Its Preachers are too Accomodating and too Few Members are Christians

Once in an interview with CS Lewis the following exchange took place:

Mr WIRT: Do you feel, then, that modern culture is being de-Christianized?

CS LEWIS: I cannot speak to the political aspects of the question, but I have some definite views about the de-Christianizing of the Church. I believe that there are many accommodating preachers, and too many practitioners in the Church who are not believers. Jesus Christ did not say, “Go into all the world and tell the world that it is quite [al]right.”

And he said that decades ago!  It’s even more true now.

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Hey Christian Zionists, Jewish Voters ‘Just Aren’t Into You’

Whilst Christian Zionists seem to spend most of their time declaring their love for Israel, Jewish voters in the United States prefer Muslims and Mormons as political candidates more than persons on the Christian Right (inhabited of course by the Christian Zionists).

Jewish Americans hold more favorable views of Mormons and Muslims than those belonging to the “Christian Right,” according to a recently published survey on Jewish values.

The findings were part of the “2012 Jewish Values Survey,” which was published on April 3 by the non-Jewish Public Religion Research Institute. For the study, researchers asked 1,000 Jewish Americans to rate how favorably they view Mormons, Muslims, and members of the so-called “Christian Right” on a scale of 1 to 100.

Of the three groups, Mormons received the highest favorability rating of 47%, followed by the Muslims at 41.4%. The Christian Right, on the hand, received a much lower favorability rating of 20.9%.

Your love, CZ’s, is one sided. They’re just not that into you.  Jewish voters like Muslims twice as much as they like you!  Talk about jilted…   Apparently you just don’t do it for them.

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