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A Byzantine Mosaic in Elah has been Destroyed by Fundamentalists

Not Christian Fundamentalists, Jewish ones. פסיפס מתקופת הביזנטים הושחת בעמק האלה Miserable. They even spraypainted graffiti on the wall! Miserable.  As if an ancient artifact had harmed them.   HT Oded Lipschits on FB. UPDATE: The story is available in … Continue reading

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The SBL/EABS International Meeting Program is Online

Thanks to Many Pfoh for telling me.  You can check out the 2012 International Meeting of the SBL (Amsterdam, jointly with EABS) here.

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Google Drive: Head to Head Competition for Dropbox

NPR reports After years of speculation and rumor, today Google announced Google Drive, a new service that allows users to store data on the cloud.  In English, that means a service that allows users to keep documents, photos, videos and … Continue reading

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It is A Salient Observation

Kevin Kilty and Mark Elliott have a new essay on the names discovered at Talpiot (leaving aside the exaggerated claims of the recent ‘discovery’) that raises, it seems to me, a very salient point.  To wit- We believe percolating just … Continue reading

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The Graham I. Davies Festschrift

I’ve finally finished the Festschrift for Prof. Davies edited by James K. Aitken, Katharine J. Dell, Brian A. Mastin, On Stone and Scroll: Essays in Honour of Graham Ivor Davies (Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die altestamentliche Wissenschaft, Band 420. Berlin, … Continue reading

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Terry Jones, Again- Depraved

Terry Jones, ‘Pastor’ of a tiny flock of pentebabbleist heretics is in the news again for, you guessed it, threatening to burn Qurans. U.S. pastor Terry Jones, a self-professed scourge of Islam, has threatened to “burn Qurans and images of … Continue reading

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Eerdmans’ Interview with Gareth Cockerill- on Hebrews

Part one.  Part two comes tomorrow.  I especially like question 3 and its answer- 3. In the introduction to this commentary you claim to approach Hebrews not as a “laboratory specimen” but as a living word for Christians today. Can … Continue reading

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Johannes Calvin und die kulturelle Prägekraft des Protestantismus

A very new volume from the Zurich publisher TVZ arrived courtesy of that publishing house for review. It’s titled Johannes Calvin und die kulturelle Prägekraft des Protestantismus. Exponentinnen und Exponenten aus Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik und Kirche beleuchten Calvins Bedeutung für … Continue reading

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Leftist Ideology and Heterophobia in Biblical Studies

On exhibition here. [After all, if we want to be fair we all have to play by the same rules.  Hence, if it’s appropriate to call Mike Bird a homophobe (which he isn’t) then it’s perfectly fair and justifiable to … Continue reading

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Good Grief, People Must Be Crazy

You’d honestly have to be a raving lunatic to pay $200 + $85 shipping for a couple of pieces of wood tied together. But if you are that insane, send me $150 and I’ll send you the same thing. Via, … Continue reading

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Pentebabbleists and ‘Manna from Heaven’

Come on people, read your Bible.  First, if you take Exodus correctly you know that manna was an interim provision which ceased when the people of Israel entered the land.  Then it came no more.  And second, God doesn’t rain … Continue reading

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