WordPress Weirdness

It’s been a strange afternoon in WordPress land with the case of the disappearing share buttons.

Usually at the bottom of each post you’ll find these delightful ‘share buttons’:

However at this point those buttons are just gone.  Gone and disappeared.  And no settings have been changed.  It’s almost as bizarro as the Academia.edu not updating status info for over two weeks.

Web weirdness.

UPDATE:  Here’s what the WordPress folk say- For the last hour and a half, all published posts defaulted to no sharing buttons. It’s all fixed up now. For any published post, just edit it, scroll to the bottom of the edit page, and check “Show sharing buttons on this post.” Sorry about that!

That’s why I love WordPress. Blogger never responded to ANY email when I was over there. WordPress gets back to you in less than hours.  I wouldn’t go back to blogger if WordPress charged.