She Walked Outside the Church and was Killed

Out in Colorado

A Colorado pastor’s mother and a suspect are dead after both were shot outside a suburban Denver church.  Authorities say the pastor’s mother was shot when she went outside the New Destiny Christian Center in Aurora just as services were ending Sunday. They say an off-duty officer was in the congregation and shot a suspect.  Police told CBS-4 in Denver ( that the shooting happened after there was an argument between people in two vehicles in the parking lot outside the church.  Pastor De Lono Straham told 9NEWS in Denver ( ) that his mother passed away after the shooting Sunday evening.

Two folk argue in a church parking lot and one shoots and a woman is killed…  Thanks, NRA.  You made it possible.

Sick of it yet?  I didn’t think so.

4 thoughts on “She Walked Outside the Church and was Killed

  1. What kind of argument, in a church parking lot, lasts so long and escalates to such a level, that someone has to be killed?

    I kind of hate our culture sometimes.

    “Christian nation,” my foot! If we can’t even live like Christians among our churches, in the parking lots of our church buildings, can we abandon the vain pretense that we’re somehow better than anyone else?

    Sick, sick, sick …


  2. Yes, Jim. Many of us are quite sick of it but other than prayer and groaning, I have no idea how to defeat a power/principality like the gun lobby and its twisted interpretation of the second ammendment. So I wil continue to pray and groan.


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