Oh No…. Not Another ‘Bible’ Movie! ‘Noah’…


Russell Crowe had better start growing out his beard: he’s officially signed on to play Noah in Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic.  The actor tweeted back in February that Aronofsky was thinking of him and Liam Neeson for the Noah’s Ark flick, and that Crowe was “eyeing [Aronofsky] right back … Liam’s eyeing both of us … and Paramount are eyeing us all, including you. Whole lot of eyeing.”  Now, it looks like all that eyeing has paid off.

I should start taking bets on how horrible, inaccurate, and misrepresenting it will be.  [Sorry if I seem skeptical but in all the years these movies with Bible themes have been made I’ve never seen one that didn’t give me a splitting headache and a case of rage].

The movie is set begin production in July, in Iceland and New York, with a planned release date of March 28, 2014.

Iceland…  and New York…because nothing says ‘the ancient Near East’ quite like Iceland… and New York…  I have the feeling a Dilly may be in order in March of 2014.

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