Why Is Charlesworth Being Silent Now? He Was Pretty Chatty the Other Day…

When the ‘press release’ spewed forth like Jonah from the fish’s mouth Charlesworth and Tabor made a huge deal of it. But now that their claims have been freshly examined and once again found wanting, Charlesworth can’t be bothered to make a comment.

… skeptics [about Tabor/Charleswort’s claims] also point out that the discovery team’s own photos, released before Charlesworth and Tabor began claiming the inscription says “YONAH,” clearly show two unconnected lines rather than a backwards L-shape representing “nun.” Tabor has since released a different picture of the inscription in which the “nun” appears to be unbroken, and has addressed the controversy thus: “The ‘nun’ is not broken. There are some white splotches on the ossuary surface in our close up photos and one of them is at the juncture, which might make it look like the line is broken, but it does intersect.”

The discrepancy between the photos raises further skepticism about the discovery. “Each photograph of the supposed ‘inscription’ seems to paint a different picture, and since the beginning of this debacle a disconcerting number of photographs have been found to be filtered, altered, or mislabeled,” Caruso told Life’s Little Mysteries.

Charlesworth did not reply to requests for comment.

When the photo doesn’t fit, adjust it. That’s the methodology now employed. But that’s not new. The photos of the ossuary have been manipulated a number of times. To no avail however, since no one is convinced of the reading (except, mysteriously, Robert Deutsch and James Tabor and James Charlesworth).

No wonder Charlesworth doesn’t feel like responding to MSNBC.  But I’m sure yet another ‘press release’ will turn up soon with yet more ‘evidence’ of the claim that ‘the Jonah ossuary’ features the word ‘Yonah’.  These days it’s academics via the press release, right…

5 thoughts on “Why Is Charlesworth Being Silent Now? He Was Pretty Chatty the Other Day…

  1. James Daniel Tabor 21 Apr 2012 at 12:09 pm

    This is a lie Jim, if it matters to you. NO photos ever have been manipulated, altered, or digitally photoshopped in any way. You have misunderstood even what Cargill has said. He and I were in touch on this just yesterday via e-mail. Charlesworth does not deal with blogs and such, for good reason, consider the way you have trashed him on yours. He doesn’t have the time.


    • Jim 21 Apr 2012 at 12:11 pm

      we’ll just have to agree to disagree about the photoshopping (which has been demonstrated by several). as to charlesworth’s disinterest in blogs- that’s fine. i read only a few myself. but that he didn’t respond to msnbc is the point here isn’t it.


  2. James Daniel Tabor 21 Apr 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Jim, I will try one more time because I would like to think you care about truth. NO photos were altered in any way, ever. What Cargill was talking about, and you have it now mixed up, is the CGI composite representation, that is not a photo, clearly, and never presented as such. No one has ever shown any photo changed in the least. They are ALL precisely as they came from the three cameras. It is not a matter of agreeing to disagree as this is a matter of fact. You have spread this far and wide, as has Joe Zias, and it is unethical, no matter how feel about the overall issue. You can not point to a single instance of any photo being altered and no one else has either–because it has not happened.


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