Maegan Gilliland’s Visit to the Chester Beatty Library

Maegan chronicles her visit (sans photos… come on Maegan, you have to take photos) to the Chester Beatty Library here.  She went along with a group led by the inestimably intelligent Larry Hurtado.  M. writes

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On 11 April, 2012, a group of New College postgraduates accompanied Professor Larry Hurtado to Dublin, Ireland to visit the Chester Beatty Library. The library houses the personal collection of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty, an American mining tycoon who developed a keen interest in collecting artifacts during the early-20th century. The library, known for its impressive Western, East Asian, and Islamic collections, has within its walls an extensive collection of Christian manuscripts. Our short time at the Chester Beatty Library was a reminder of the value of preserving and documenting these early Christian documents. It is fortunate that so many libraries and organizations have dedicated both time and resources to this painstaking task.

There’s a bit more as well.  Thanks Maegan!  Next time, though, do take some photos.  Did I mention you should take pictures?  Yes, by all means.  Because, since you didn’t, I’ve had to find one of the site on the web.  Don’t let Google Images rob you of the photo-joy.

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One thought on “Maegan Gilliland’s Visit to the Chester Beatty Library

  1. Maegan Chloë Marie Gilliland 21 Apr 2012 at 9:59 am

    Thank you, Jim! And ha, yes. Since you did mention the picture issue once or twice, see my reply on Facebook for both: (1) A picture of me outside of Chester Beatty Library and (2) An explanation (just far too much excitement) for why I didn’t have more pictures..
    Live and learn. I’ll get them on the next trip so you don’t have to resort to another Google image search. The horror..


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