Zwingli The Poet

Zürich: Grossmünster

Zürich: Grossmünster (Photo credit: wallyg)

Most folk who know something about Huldrych Zwingli know that he was a theologian, exegete, pastor, professor, and yes, even a musician (he played 10 instruments) and, as well, a poet.

His most famous poem is, of course, the ‘Pestlied‘, the poem he composed when he fell ill of the black plague and recovered from the same.

But Zwingli’s numerous books also feature bits and smatterings of poetry.  So, for example, on the 20th of April, 1524 he published his “Eine Epistel vor der “Antwort eines Schwytzer Purens” which closes with the following lines:

Der wirt ouch uß dir
machen ein geschirr
zuo eer oder spott,
wie er wil; er ist gott.

This needs to be noted-

Zwingli was a pretty good poet
Though most don’t know-it.

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