Think, People…. Think!

A local (Baptist… why oh why is it usually the Baptists…) Church is in a bit of hot water for publicizing a fund raiser (by the way, Churches should never use ‘fund raisers’.  If the Christians of your community won’t support a project to see that it’s fulfilled, you don’t need to do it.  Asking the ‘world’ to support Christian doings is like asking Satan to be one of your Deacons) featuring a ‘slave sale’ – complete with a picture at the bottom of black-faced figures.

Come on, Churches, this is the South!  Such a sign, such a ‘sale’, just makes NO SENSE.

A flyer is circulating in Knoxville about a fundraiser at Parkway Baptist Church and it is causing controversy. The concern? The image on the bottom with the words “slave sale.”

The flyer looks great at first glance. A church advertising about a fundraiser for their upcoming mission trip to Guatemala. But, Sheryl Rollins, the President of NAACP in Knoxville says once you get to the bottom, “This is absolutely offensive. It’s defamatory and racist.”

A great idea turns to not good at all with one image and two words.

“It’s totally inappropriate, totally racist. I believe that not only is the black community offended by this but the white people don’t appreciate this circulating in Knoxville either,” Rollins said.

And it really is offensive.  And inappropriate.  And shockingly racist.  So it’s just wrong.  Baptists have been working to set right our racist past and stuff like this just sets us back.  Think, people… Think!

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  1. Rik Rasmussen 20 Apr 2012 at 7:47 am

    I agree with you on this.


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