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The 6 Year Old Georgia Hooligan

Georgia police have sparked controversy after they handcuffed and arrested a 6-year-old who school officials accused of assaulting the principal and damaging property. Just wait- you’ll see why they did it: Police responded to an elementary school’s call on Friday … Continue reading

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Tweet of the Week

For so many reasons…

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via Giorgio Girardet on FB.

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Biblical Geography in Southwestern Judah

New in NEA, an essay by Christopher Rollston and a couple of other people (yes, that’s right, I just list the people I know) titled Biblical Geography in Southwestern Judah has arrived in my inbox. Rollston’s contribution to it is … Continue reading

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Moo and Carson’s ‘A Quick Introduction to the New Testament’, for Free

In ebook format from CBD.  But only if you live in the US.  I can’t say whether it’s good or not because I’ve not read it.  But I can say that Carson and Moo are dependable and sensible scholars and … Continue reading

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Richard Land: Ethicist/Plagiarist?

Richard Land isn’t much of an ethicist if he’s a plagiarist (which it seems that he is). Richard Land, the Southern Baptist Convention’s top public policy ethicist, apologized Monday (April 16) for failing to give proper attribution for material he … Continue reading

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Meek? Or Just Apathetic?

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Sometimes a Chart Says it All…

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Nehemiah 3: Sources, Composition and Purpose

An essay by Oded Lipschits titled Nehemiah 3: Sources, Composition and Purpose, appears in New Perspectives on Ezra–Nehemiah: History and Historiography, Text, Literature, and Interpretation (Eisenbrauns 2012). This essay explores the sources of the list of the builders of Jerusalem’s … Continue reading

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Breaking News! The Ark of the Covenant… Has Been… Found…

And it’s in Gatlinburg, TN….  Or at least one of the bazillion mockups is… The art director of a new exhibition in the Smoky Mountains area says the design of the Ark of the Covenant has been influenced by the … Continue reading

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The Nine Million Pound Book

The BBC announces The oldest intact European book – the St Cuthbert gospel – is to remain in the UK after the British Library raised £9m to buy it.  The acquisition of the 7th Century copy of the Gospel of … Continue reading

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James Crossley’s Motivational Speech

As he leaves a reality TV show he’s been on (that’s why he’s been so quiet lately).  And yes, he had to use a pseudonym on the show so as not to let out his true identity.  Enjoy his speech… … Continue reading

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The Story of Jewish Origins- As Told By DNA

There’s an intriguing report in the Chronicle of Higher Education that will, I think, be of interest to folk. The story of Jewish origins, once the province of historians and religion scholars, is now being told by DNA. Who is … Continue reading

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