Border Police in Israel are Unhinged: They Beat and Detained a 9 Year Old Jewish Boy!

Alrighty then- so things are SO BAD in Israel and the police are SO terrified of the possibility that someone somewhere may be potentially a threat that they do this?

Israel Border Police detained and beat a nine-year-old Jewish resident of Hebron on Saturday, after he entered a closed military zone near the house that was recently occupied by settlers.  The event occurred around 7 A.M., after a group of Jewish children began playing in the lot between the house and a nearby closed military zone. According to eyewitnesses, at a certain point, the boy entered the closed military zone.

Paranoia- behold thy homeland.

A Border Police officer choked the boy, and held him in the air for approximately 10 minutes. Residents who were praying at the nearby Tomb of the Patriarchs were able to release the child from the officer’s hands. Two were arrested on suspicion of attacking the officer. The child’s parents lodged a complaint with the Justice Ministry’s department for the investigation of police officers on Sunday.

The whole sorry event is just sick and sickening.  If the police beat my nine year old they’d have to arrest me too, for attempted murder.  Do what you wish to me, but hurt a child, for no reason?  That’s satanic.

Worst of all, this isn’t unusual in that paranoid place.

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One thought on “Border Police in Israel are Unhinged: They Beat and Detained a 9 Year Old Jewish Boy!

  1. Bob Schilaci 16 Apr 2012 at 1:27 pm

    I’m sure the “Never Again” crowd will soon come up with an excuse for such execrable behavior that will allow them to sleep at night.

    They always do.


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