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Total Depravity: The Muslim ‘Religious Scholar’ Who Murdered

An elderly man, recently released from prison after acquittal by the court on proving innocent in a blasphemy case, was shot dead by the complainant in the Farooqabad area of Sheikhupura. 80-year-old Iqbal Butt was on his way home on a motorcycle rikshaw when he was shot dead when the accuser Maulvi Waqas and an unidentified accomplice chased him on a motorcycle and opened fire, resulting in his death.

Just in case you missed the reason Iqbal was killed- he was acquitted of blasphemy but his accuser wasn’t satisfied with that outcome.

“The complainant Maulvi Waqas, a Khateeb of a local Mosque, was unhappy with the acquittal and he along with an unknown accomplice shot Iqbal Butt,” the Investigation Officer (IO) Sub Inspector Javed Mehmood said. A case has been registered against Waqas and his unknown accomplice but no arrests have been made as yet. According to police, raids are being conducted to find the accused.

A ‘religion scholar’ who murders.  I think he missed the point of his religion.

David Meadows Doesn’t Review Tabor’s ‘Jesus Discovery’ As Much as He Demolishes It

Here.  After meticulously documenting every aspect of the special he writes

The two word summary I ended my notes with: “That’s it?” pretty much says it all. It was an incredibly unsatisfying documentary and, as mentioned throughout the above, was rife with scenes which just weren’t right from a scholarly point of view. I was hoping we’d see some more high res versions of the images which are on the Jesus Discovery website, but we didn’t get any. This thing neither satisfied many outstanding questions that I had nor substantiated/supported any of the claims which have already been made. If nothing else, the claims did lead to some interesting academic discussion — unfortunately, it’s the sort of discussion which probably should have occurred before the book was published and certainly before the documentary was approved.

I’ll conclude by glossing my title: The Resurrection Tomb Mystery ~ The Circus. I called this a circus, because there was much excitement attending its impending arrival and promise of a big show but as far as the show itself went, it wasn’t very good. At the same time, however, every circus has a sideshow of some sort — I’ll be dealing with that in a separate post (I’ll also include links to all the ’roundups’ from the past six or so weeks, so folks who would like to have the ‘full monty’ treatment can have it … look for that post next weekend after the second showing of the documentary and Vision TV’s 90-minute special).

The Skeleton of the World’s Oldest Politician Found!!!!

Archaeology really is able to solve so many mysteries.   With thanks to Oded Lipschits for pointing it out on FB…

At Vanderbilt, Christian Groups Can Be Forced to Have Non-Christian Leaders

Political Correctness takes over Vanderbilt U-

Eleven religious student groups at Vanderbilt University have united to reapply for registered status in the school, even though their religious requirements for leaders violate Vanderbilt’s non-discrimination policy.

The coalition, calling itself Vanderbilt Solidarity, said in a statement that each group “is a faith-based group dedicated to sharing the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on campus. As such, we simply cannot allow those who do not share our faith to lead our ministries, as Vanderbilt now demands.”

The members of the coalition include: Asian American Christian Fellowship, Beta Upsilon Chi, Bridges International, Christian Legal Society, Cru, Every Nation Ministries, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Graduate Christian Fellowship, Lutheran Student Fellowship, Medical Christian Fellowship, and Navigators.

Last fall, Vanderbilt placed several faith-based groups on provisional status for being noncompliant with its non-discrimination policy, Christianity Todayreported. It began enforcing the policy after Beta Upsilon Chi, a Christian fraternity, was accused of dismissing a student because of his sexual orientation.

Vanderbilt updated its non-discrimination policy in early March, stating that all “registered student organizations must be open to all students as members and must permit all members in good standing to seek leadership posts.” The policy does make an exemption for single-sex organizations, including fraternities and sororities.

“Most perplexing, a university founded by Methodists is prohibiting religious groups from selecting religious leaders while simultaneously allowing fraternities and sororities to discriminate in selecting their leaders and members,” Vanderbilt Solidarity said in its statement. “If Vanderbilt will give fraternities and sororities a broad exemption from its policy, why won’t it give religious groups a narrow exemption?”

Doesn’t seem proper, does it?  No, it doesn’t.

Why Israel’s Decision To Prohibit Activists Entry to Bethlehem is a Mistake

Not just in my view, but in the view of this Israeli:

The global fly-in made huge headlines over the weekend. However, I failed to understand where exactly the threat to the State of Israel’s sovereignty hid this time. Let’s assume that hundreds of people characterizing themselves as pro-Palestinian peace activists would have arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport from all over the world. Let’s assume that they would have undergone the required screening and then continued by bus to Bethlehem, which is under Palestinian Authority control in any case.

Yes, let’s. What’s the big deal? Now it simply looks like Israel is desperately trying to hide something.

And then what? They would have joined rallies, delivered speeches, lit torches and marched. That is, they would have undertaken the customary ceremonies in such cases, before heading to various city hotels and going to sleep. What else can unarmed Europeans stuck in a small Judea and Samaria town do? The next day they would have visited some churches, ate kebabs and hummus, and in the absence of action would have likely returned to their home countries.


If we learned one bitter lesson from the Marmara affair, it’s the following: The media resonance of any humanitarian activity on behalf of Gaza/Palestine/territories is directly proportional to the level of Israeli objection to the move.

And that’s the sanest comment coming from the Israeli side so far. Israel has done itself no favor at all, even remotely, in slamming shut the door. Now it just for all the world seems like the bully that the Palestinians frequently say it is.

If we undertake immense efforts to prevent such activities, they will be making history even before they started. Yet if we handle such cases with what Jabotinsky referred to as “kind indifference,” they will make a very small impression.

He’s so right. It’s too bad Israel’s leaders aren’t as smart as he is.  As we say down here in the South, Israel has shot itself in the foot.

Watch This and Tell Me Who’s On the Side of Peace and Who Isn’t

That Makes Me Uncomfortable…

I wish Joel would stop posting these on my Facebook page…  just stop… it’s discomfiting.  Just because someone says something nice about your work doesn’t mean you can go all creeper…

What, It’s Easter Already?

I thought we just celebrated Easter last week!  It seems that some folk are a week late…  must be a strange unorthodox calendar.

Happy second Easter, Orthodox people…

What Does the Turin Shroud Have to do With Easter?

Nothing at all, but every year around Easter the Turin loons come out of the woodworks.  Thankfully Antonio ‘The Shroud Buster’ Lombatti remains vigilant.  Here’s his latest rejoinder contra the crackpots.

Arrested in Tel Aviv, For Holding a Sign

This woman was arrested less than an hour ago at the Tel Aviv airport.  For holding a sign.  Follow the events of the day on Twitter, #fly2palestine.

Meanwhile, right wingers, at the same airport, aren’t being bothered at all.  Welcome to Israeli ‘democracy’.

75% of Thurman, Iowa, is Destroyed

This is tragic

Officials say a small western Iowa community has been severely damaged by a possible tornado. Fremont County Emergency Management Director Mike Crecelius told The Associated Press on Saturday that about 75 percent of the town of Thurman was destroyed.

But there’s good news too-

He said there were no injuries and no deaths in the town of about 250 people.

Stuff can be replaced.  People can’t.  So amidst destruction, joy.

Crecelius said the town was on lockdown Saturday night and wasn’t letting anyone in. He said town officials and residents expect to start cleaning up on Sunday.

I wish them a speedy rebuild/recovery.