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Quote of the Day… Sort Of…

I’m watching Indiana Jones… That makes me a biblical archeologicalist.  — Joel Watts [I don’t know what an archaeologicalist is but I’m pretty sure Joel’s one…]

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Here’s an intriguing piece in Al-Jazeera– Even Jews can be barred by Israel from travelling to Bethlehem – for the thought crime of supporting Palestinian rights. Thought Crime… how ‘1984’. What difference will it make to the lives of Palestinians … Continue reading

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Israel May be Called a Democracy, But it Sure Isn’t Acting Like One

More than 60 percent of the 1,500 pro-Palestinian activists due to arrive in Israel on Sunday to take part in a fly-in protest have received notifications from airlines that their flights were canceled, the spokesman for the “Welcome to Palestine” … Continue reading

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Appearance and Truth Aren’t Always the Same Thing

In this photo it appears as though Kate Moss’s daughter is hugging her mom.  But look at the little one’s hand… it’s been airbrushed such that two of her fingers are completely gone. The moral of the story?  Photos can … Continue reading

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Not Sure If You’re Male or Female? It’s Ok,There’s A Pronoun for You Now…

Or do you want to spare your child the burden of being gendered?  Fear not, the Swedes have come to the rescue… Earlier this month, the movement for gender neutrality [in Sweden] reached a milestone: Just days after International Women’s … Continue reading

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The First Bible of the Church: A Plea for the Septuagint by Mogens Müller

Now here’s a resource worth having for sure!  It’s been many years since I first read Mogens brilliant book and I’m excessively pleased that the folk at Logos are offering it for a pittance.  It’s worth three times the price … Continue reading

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Rick Warren Proves His Theological Ignorance, Yet Again

Apparently Warren hasn’t ever read the Bible, or any decent theology. If he had he would know that of all the created things on earth, only humanity receives the ‘breath of life’, and ‘becomes a living soul’. Therefore, mankind occupies … Continue reading

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In Memory of Handel…

Who died on this date in 1759. He was no Mozart, Bach, or Haydn, but he was in the top ten of the all time best-

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So, .3% seems Fairly Poor…

How’d the ‘Jesus Discovery’ do?  Barely better than one of the gazillion repeats of law and order…  (and the worst of any 10 pm time slotted show) and much worse than Swamp People…. That’s not the whole list of course.  … Continue reading

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