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The Most Withering Assesment on the ‘Jesus Discovery’ in the Mainstream Media Yet

This headline pretty much sums up the tone of the report in The International Business Times

Jesus Tomb Discovery Called A Hoax: Simcha Jacobvici And James Tabor ‘Seeing Things That…Aren’t There’

There’s nothing really new in the report- except the frankness of the headline.  Perhaps the media is finally coming around and investigating claims instead of simply repeating PR ‘press releases’ by employees of production companies.

Doubting Thomas Strikes Back

Via Thomas Bolin on the facebook-

Two New Reviews in RBL Worth Reading

Thomas Römer’s Dieu obscur: Cruauté, sexe et violence dans l’Ancien Testament, Reviewed by Delia Klingler.


Don C. Benjamin’s Stones and Stories: An Introduction to Archaeology and the Bible, Reviewed by Aren M. Maeir.

Obama Pays a Lower Tax Rate than His Secretary

Let’s all admit it- rich people pay less of a percentage of their income for everything, not just taxes.  The more you have, the less you’re bothered by paltry gas price increases or utility bills and taxes.  You’ve got plenty of money.  This Country is financed off of the backs of the middle class.  Stop acting like it isn’t, and always hasn’t been, just that way.

Total Depravity: The Child Molester Who Thinks His Sentence is a Joke

On Thursday, Richard Carl Heeringa, a 57-year-old Douglas County, Colo. serial child-sex offender, was sentenced to 576 years in prison on 17 counts of sexually assaulting a child, 9news reports. Heeringa declined to speak during his hearing, but he apparently found the proceedings humorous. According to 7News, Heeringa laughed at Judge Paul King during the sentencing who responded, “If you’re laughing now, stay tuned. You deserve every century that I’m going to give you.”

Read the full report. Hell will welcome this son of Satan home with joy.

Satan chewing child molesters

Signs of the Times

A sign at the Knoxville Zoo, children’s section-

Photo by S. Galloway

The only reason they’d put such things on a sign is because they’ve had to deal with them in sufficient numbers! So at least now we know where Chris Tilling has been lately… and been, and been, and been again…

Now That’s an ‘Offer You Can’t Refuse’ (Said in the Voice of the Godfather)

Eisenbrauns runs these things called ‘deal of the day’ and ‘deal of the week’.  They’re usually pretty good but this week the deal of the week is an excellent, excellent choice.  Martin Shields’ ‘The End of Wisdom‘ is superb.  And it’s an absolute steal at $12.75.  You can only get it at that price though till noon on April 14.  Make haste, get thee a copy.  It’s an offer you can’t refuse.  And you know me, if it weren’t so, I wouldn’t say it.

Quote of the Day

The pretense of righteousness under the guise of piety suffocates actual piety because we come to think the pretense is real. – R. Scott Clark

The Samaritan Temple in the News

Der Spiegel Online has a fantastic report on the Samaritan Temple, of which they suggest

The Jews had significant competition in antiquity when it came to worshipping Yahweh. Archeologists have discovered a second great temple not far from Jerusalem that predates its better known cousin. It belonged to the Samaritans, and may have been edited out of the Bible once the rivalry had been decided.

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The forgotten (or better, ignored and edited out) Samaritan Temple… fascinating!  Definitely one to read.

TV Ratings for Simcha’s Show

Just on the off chance that any of you (besides Goodacre and Cargill who live blogged the thing) watched the Simcha Special and want to know how it stacked up against other programs airing at the same time, you might be able to find out sometime today when the overnight rankings are posted.

If their Facebook ‘Jesus Discovery’ page is any indication, they probably only had 40 or so watchers.  But there may be more…  However, I doubt it will be a very impressive number.  The vampire is well and truly dead.  Give thanks to God.

Jonathan Edwards Studies

Jonathan Edwards Studies (JES), an interdisciplinary professionally refereed digital publication, is inviting graduate students, young scholars, clergy, seminarians, and other readers of Edwards to submit their articles, book reviews, notes, and documents to the editors for review and online publication.

There are further details.  If your an Edwards-ian, you sinners in the hands of an angry God, doubtless you’ll be interested.