Well That’s Blunt: ‘Jonah Tomb’ ‘Deception’

The controversy surrounding the Jesus Tomb discovery in Jerusalem continues as scholars and archeologists argue over a 2,000-year-old “Jonah Whale” engraving which some say represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Other scholars suggest, however, that the team behind the discovery has been deceiving the public.

This after the direct headline- Jesus Tomb Discovery Team’s ‘Jonah Whale’ a Deception, Say Scholars

Of course Simcha will attribute this to our willful blindness and head-trauma but we all know the Christian Post is right.

While Goodacre and others dismiss the entire validity of the Jesus Tomb discovery, the many findings by Jacobovici and his team are likely to continue stirring much discussion in the archeological community.

Well it’s not actually being debated in the archaeological community. The archaeological community knows it’s nonsense. Simcha isn’t aiming for that lot, he’s aiming for the unwashed ignorant masses who don’t know archaeology from arachnophobia.

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