Mark Goodacre’s Comments on the Nightline Special

On the ‘Jonah Ossuary’.  Mark writes, among other things,

Two features in the report surprised me. I have read everything available on the tomb and have looked at all the materials that they have made available but haven’t yet seen the documentary that airs on Thursday, so I was surprised to see a clip from the documentary in which James Charlesworth says “I am lifted up, says Jesus, I am lifted up! . . . apo tou thanou [?], from the dead!”, surprised because the ossuary says nothing about “Jesus” at all. It will be disappointing if the documentary gives the impression that the inscription on the ossuary mentions Jesus because it does not.

Charlesworth has, apparently, jumped the shark.  There’s no other way to say it.  He has either been completely bamboozled by the publicity machine that is public appearance on TV or he really believes the ossuary is what Tabor suggests it is (although, with Goodacre, I have to wonder why he would drag in his ‘Jesus rose’ comment).  Either way, it’s saddening to observe, he’s lost touch with scholarship.

The other thing was Simcha Jacbovici’s suggestion that those who disagree with him are reacting because of “theological trauma”. I knew there was something wrong with me. Now we know why I saw the face of Jesus in the side of one of the ossuaries!

There’s nothing to say about Simcha’s genuinely absurd remark.  It’s just that- absurdity.  Theological trauma indeed.  The real theological trauma lies in the minds of those who think that the Lord Yahweh has appointed them to be the revealers of new truths which God intends to use to undermine historic Christianity and turn people to the true authentic faith of the Apostles: the belief that Jesus and Mary were married and had kids.

[NB- oh yes- and in anticipation of the inevitable ‘you can’t talk about a senior scholar like that’ rubbish let me just quickly add- being a senior scholar doesn’t give one a license to peddle absurdities. Scholarship is self authenticating- ex opera operato. It isn’t based on the reputation of the person behind it. Good scholars can say stupid things and bad scholars can say smart things. Hero worship has no place in academia.]

3 thoughts on “Mark Goodacre’s Comments on the Nightline Special

  1. “There’s nothing to say about Simcha’s genuinely absurd remark.”

    Controversy sells…. and he is a con-man.


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