Richard Land only Represents Richard Land

He doesn’t represent Southern Baptists (no one person does) and he certainly doesn’t represent me.

On Richard Land Live!,Land accused black religious leaders — whom he called “race hustlers” — and President Barack Obama of using the shooting death of an African-American teen in Florida for election-year gains.  “This will be vetted in court, not in a mob mentality that’s been juiced up by Al Sharpton, who is a provocateur and a racial ambulance chaser of the first order, and aided and abetted by Jesse Jackson,” Land said on the show.  And, on Obama’s statement that, if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old victim, Land said: “The president’s aides claim he was showing compassion for the victim’s family. In reality, he poured gasoline on the racialist fires.”

You know who’s a publicity ambulance chaser?  Richard Land.  On behalf of all sensible Southern Baptists, we apologize for people like Richard Land.  He doesn’t represent us but he sure seems bent on ruining us.

4 thoughts on “Richard Land only Represents Richard Land

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  2. Actually, sir, as a senior official and spokesperson for the Southern Baptist Convention, Richard Land most certainly does represent Southern Baptists, including you. You own his racism and arrogance because you support the organization that has put him out front. You can work to change it from within, or in extremis, you can leave it, but Richard Land belongs to you and every other Southern Baptist who attends church, tithes and supports the SBC.

    Conservatives and Evangelicals of all stripes have tacitly supported this kind of extremism for decades in pursuit of votes and perceived social gain. Feeling some regret now? Welcome to the world you helped create, that so many of us have spent years fighting against.


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