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Calvin: On Music in Church

It is certain that the use of singing in churches (which I may mention in passing) is not only very ancient, but was also used by the Apostles, as we may gather from the words of Paul, “I will sing … Continue reading

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Mark Goodacre: On Nightline Tonight Discussing the Talpiot ‘Jonah Ossuary’

With thanks to Joel Watts for mentioning it.

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“The Jonah Ossuary”: Discussed in 1981 By An Actual Archaeologist

The ASOR Blog observes, in part, It has come to the attention of the ASOR Blog that a newspaper article about the so-called “Patio Tomb” in East Talpiyot was published in Hebrew in DAVAR on May 22, 1981 (this tomb … Continue reading

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The Protection of Holy Sites Law in Israel now covers 137 sites. Not one of these is Christian or Muslim.

Rashid Khalidi’s essay in the Daily Beast is authentically troubling.  What Israel is doing to a Muslim Cemetery is unconscionable. The Simon Weisenthal Center is planning to build a Museum of Tolerance on the Muslim Mamilla cemetery. This project is … Continue reading

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Rats, Santorum is Out…

Which Republican can I not vote for now besides Gingrich and Romney?  I wonder who the ‘fringe nut’ party will be, since I can’t, and won’t, vote for any incumbent.   (I’m morally opposed to returning politicians to office.  I believe … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Hebrew Dictionary

Via Ha’aretz– Though this massive historical dictionary could take another generation to complete, it will become accessible to the general public online within a few months if the language academy receives the necessary funding. Until now the database has been … Continue reading

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Rick Steves: “I’ve Been Duped”

Mr Steves, a well known travel guide author, asserts that the media has misled the American public about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. He notes: I’ve been duped. Do you know the frustration you feel when you believed in something strongly and … Continue reading

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Matthew Kalman: 50% of Israelis Don’t Go to Jerusalem

I found this report really, really intriguing.

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Mary Wept…

Via Antonio– La Madonna ortodossa che piangeva lacrime di olio vegetale: ve la ricordate? È uscito l’articolo di Massimo Polidoro. Buona lettura. He’s such a skeptic…

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James Tabor ‘Calls Me Out’

Tabor sent this letter to various and sundry folk today: Subject: Enough is Enough–Calling out Jim West To: Mark Goodacre , Cargill Robert , McGrath James , Antonio Lombatti , “Christopher Rollston A.” , Andy Vaughn , Crossan John Dominic … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: She Faked Leukemia to Garner a Lavish Wedding

Authorities say a former New York woman pretended to have terminal cancer so she could have a lavish wedding reception and honeymoon. The Times Herald-Record reports ( http://bit.ly/Hy08wo ) an Orange County Grand jury has indicted 25-year-old Jessica Vega, a … Continue reading

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European Politics in One Photo…

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A New Program at the University of Haifa

It’s a new BA prpgram: RUAḤ-HA-ḤINUCH, The Interdisciplinary Program of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Haifa. Check it out here (with thanks to Gershon Galil for pointing it out).

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Today With Zwingli

On 10 April, 1526, Zwingli wrote to someone who must surely be one of my long-ago ancestors, Michael Wüst. Here it is, in whole- Gratiam et pacem a domino. Venit ad nos, mi Michaël, hęc foemina, quę quęnam sit, ignoro, … Continue reading

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I had no idea that Tulsa was a city whose racist past was so profound.  NPR aired a report that is simply must hearing.  When you get a chance, be sure to listen. Police are still investigating whether the weekend … Continue reading

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Heretics and Spiritualists: Conference Announcement Reminder

I mentioned this a while back but since it draws near, here’s a reminder: Die Europäische Melanchthonakademie Bretten organisiert am Samstag, 21. April 2012, einen Studientag mit dem Thema ‘Ketzer – Humanisten – Spiritualisten. Der Oberrhein vor und während der … Continue reading

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Where is the Portal to the Underworld?

Israel (of course).

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Once More, Mississippi is the ‘Teen Mom’ Capitol of the Country

The Associated Press reports Teen births fell again in the United States in 2010 with the highest rate once more in Mississippi, according to a new government report.  Nearly every state saw a decline in teen births from 2007 to … Continue reading

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Richard Land only Represents Richard Land

He doesn’t represent Southern Baptists (no one person does) and he certainly doesn’t represent me. On Richard Land Live!,Land accused black religious leaders — whom he called “race hustlers” — and President Barack Obama of using the shooting death of … Continue reading

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