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Luther: On Spiritual Blindness

Greed and ambition prevent us from enjoying things. Many a skinflint sits in the midst of the greatest luxuries and yet can’t enjoy them with pleasure. It’s said that the ungodly won’t see the glory of God; in fact, they … Continue reading

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James Charlesworth Wants You to Watch the ‘Jesus Discovery’…

Really James, really?  I’ve seen a lot of self-promotional stuff in my life and am usually quite unaffected by it but this bit of self promotion makes earlier bits of self promotion seem tame and sensible: On behalf of the … Continue reading

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Perhaps G.M. Grena Would Like to Buy This Treasure…

Or if he doesn’t I’m sure another collector will…  Antonio has news of a fragment of Solomon’s mines that’s for sale! Next week- a piece of Solomon’s poo!  Save your shekelim!

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The Worst ‘Share This if You Love Jesus’ on Facebook Manipultion Yet!

If you’re like me you’re tired of those Facebook photos which declare that if you really love Jesus you’ll share this photo of (insert whatever wretchedly manipulative slogan you wish).  Here’s a gem that cropped up today… The worst of … Continue reading

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I Don’t Buy It: Kersal is Right and Grena is Wrong

That is, I don’t buy Grena’s reasons for supporting antiquities buying and selling as he sets forth those reasons in a new essay at the ASOR Blog.  Kersal is in the right and on the mark in what she asserts … Continue reading

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This looks to be a fine journal.

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Eric Cline: Award Winning Teacher

Eric was awarded a prestigious prize a couple of weeks ago and now his University has written up a very, very nice article about it. Eric Cline chairs the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the … Continue reading

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In Sheffield: A Celebration and a Conference- The Bible, Zionism and Palestine

From the goodly Viv Rowett- Here are the details of forthcoming events in the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield, organised to celebrate the Department’s 65th Anniversary. 1) The first is a public lecture series, which will … Continue reading

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Injustice in America: The Prosecutor Won’t Present the Trayvon Martin Case to the Grand Jury

At least not yet, because it’s still being investigated, according to the AP and their latest tweeting- BREAKING: Special prosecutor: Won’t take Trayvon Martin death to grand jury, still investigating. I guess when a man admits to shooting someone down … Continue reading

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What Motivates People to Forge Antiquities?

In a word- money.  But of course there’s more to it than that and Chris Rollston has an in depth examination much worth reading. Forgeries have been produced for many centuries (Metzger 1997, 125-139; Rollston 2003; 2004; 2005; 2012; Ehrman … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sheffield Biblical Studies:
James Crossley, Jesus in an Age of Neoliberalism: Quests, Scholarship and Ideology (May 2012, Equinox) For further details, click here. Jesus in an Age of Neoliberalism is a sort of follow up to Jesus…

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Just A Note: Concerning Tim Tebow, Celebrity-Christians, and Idolatry

Mr Tebow drew a huge crowd of over 15,000 yesterday at a ‘worship service’ in, yes of course, Texas.   Remarkably, from a theological point of view, the ‘worship leader’ of the Church seemed more interested in Tebow the celebrity than … Continue reading

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The Trouble Starts: The Delegation from the Bishop of Constance

Over the course of three days, April 7-9, 1522,  The Bishop of Constance’s delegation to Zurich sent to investigate the breach of the Lenten Fast held discussions with the clerics of the city concerning the matter.  As Philip Schaff puts … Continue reading

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