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Simcha’s Labyrinth

It seems that a Canadian host caught Simcha Jacobovici in a labyrinth of changing directions and blind alleys.  Robert Cargill notes

In the video, Simcha admits he is “not a theologian, not a Christian,” and of course, elsewhere has admitted he is “not an archaeologist, nor an academic.” (Simcha Jacobovici, “The Nails of the Cross: A Response to the Criticisms of the Film,”, June 22, 2011, p. 45.) And yet, if any theologian, Christian, academic, archaeologist, or any one else trained in these fields suggests anything other than “it’s a fish,” Simcha will have nothing to do with it.

That’s how desperate and precarious their theory has become…and the documentary hasn’t even aired yet.

Drew Marshall’s interview with Simcha Jacobovici will be remembered as THE moment that the delusional obstinate stubbornness of Simcha Jacobovici became self-manifest. He said it himself. He doesn’t want to hear anyone tell him it’s not a fish. It just is. Oh, and because it’s a fish, it’s a “Christian tomb,” “owned by Joseph of Arimathea,” those buried inside “knew Jesus” and “heard him preach,” and therefore the tomb next to it “contains the bones of Jesus.”

There’s considerably more.  It’s quite clear that Simcha is trying to muzzle opposition and demonize anyone who doesn’t follow him into the labyrinth of lunacy.  His is pseudo-archaeology at its very worst.  He’s on tv because cable stations are just that desperate for something to slop the public.

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In Israel Even Music is Banned

Free speech, music, what next, the internet?

The Israeli Opera has asked a U.K.-based Israeli choreographer to remove an excerpt of a Richard Wagner opera from the soundtrack of her show, which will be showcased in Tel Aviv next month. Israeli Opera director Hanna Munitz has asked Jasmin Vardimon to replace the overture of Richard Wagner’s “Tannhauser,” which features in the opening scene of her show “7734,” with another musical piece. Wagner’s music has been boycotted in Israel for decades because of the 19th-century German composer’s anti-Semitic worldview and his descendants’ ties to the Nazi party.

How ridiculous. The word ‘the’ is also used in anti-semitic literature so shouldn’t it be banned in Israel too? And all those who use the word ‘the’… Wagner used violins in his pieces. Violins should be banned in Israel.

At some point someone there needs to say ‘this has just become ridiculous. We need to stop blaming anti-semitism for everything and we need to stop seeing it lurking behind every tree. Our paranoia has become our tyrant.’

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

Or more accurately- what new evil is he up to now

A British man may have fathered 600 children by repeatedly using his own sperm in a fertility clinic he ran, it has emerged.


Bertold Wiesner  Chris Tilling and his wife Mary Barton founded a fertility clinic in London in the 1940s and helped women conceive 1,500 babies.

I guess that was before he met Anja.

It was thought that the clinic used a small number of highly intelligent friends as sperm donors but it has now emerged that around 600 of the babies were conceived using sperm from Mr Wiesner Tilling himself. Two men conceived at the clinic, Barry Stevens a film-maker from Canada and David Gollancz, a barrister in London, have researched the centre and DNA tests suggest Mr Wiesner Tilling, an Austrian biologist English theologian, provided two thirds of the donated sperm. Such a practice is outlawed now but at the time it was not known that Mr Wiesner Tilling was providing the majority of the samples.


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Heretic Nation

A genuinely fascinating good read.

In the 20th century, most US presidents and presidential candidates were Baptists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians—in other words, Protestants. But in the 2012 presidential race? With a Mormon, a traditionalist Catholic, and a nondenominational Christian with ties to liberation theology, “we finally have a presidential field whose diversity mirrors the diversity of American Christianity as a whole,” writes Ross Douthat in the New York Times.

“These divergences reflect America as it actually is: We’re neither traditionally Christian nor straightforwardly secular.”

On the other hand, Douthat misses the unifying force religion once held. In the old days, church leaders could embrace diverse interests when politicians cowered—during the civil rights movement, for example. But today, religious diversity is contributing to America’s political polarization and partisanship. “In this atmosphere, religious differences are more likely to inspire baroque conspiracy theories,” he writes, “whether it’s the far-right panic over an Islamified United States or the left-wing paranoia about a looming evangelical-led theocracy.”


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Quote of the Day

“If Christ is risen, nothing else matters. If Christ is not risen, nothing else matters.” ~ Jaroslav Pelikan

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An Interesting Post on the Assemblies of God in Romania

Pretty intriguing stuff here.  Pentecostals…. what a mystery they are.

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One out of Four Children Think Easter is the Easter Bunny’s Birthday…

And 53% don’t know what Easter is at all.

The Daily Star has picked up on a poll conducted by the hotel chain Travelodge:  A QUARTER of children reckon Easter is about celebrating the Easter Bunny’s birthday.  53% do not know what Easter is, instead seeing it as just a chance to scoff chocolate.

Via.  Oh modern culture… You’re really sad.  And filled with ignorance.

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Breaking News: Another Fish Discovered in Jerusalem!

And this time it’s truly a fish and hasn’t been Photoshopped to look like one!


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Gunter Grass Isn’t Welcome in Israel

Once more- criticism of Israeli policy isn’t anti-semitism any more than criticism of American policy is anti-Americanism or criticism of Iranian policy is anti-Persianism.  But it suits the government of Israel to foist the anti-semitic card because it stirs emotions and unnerves people.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai declared Sunday that German Nobel laureate Gunter Grass is a persona non grata in Israel, after Grass published a poem last week which was highly critical of Israel and its policies.  Yishai harshly condemned Grass’ poem, and said that he is declared a persona non grata in Israel for wearing SS uniform in the past.

Really???  Because Prince Harry wore an SS uniform at a party and as far as I know the Israeli government hasn’t banned him from the country.  Clearly the uniform issue is a lie.

“Grass’ poems are an attempt to guide the fire of hate toward the State of Israel and the Israeli people, and to advance the ideas of which he was a public partner in the past, when he wore the uniform of the SS,” Yishai said. “If Gunter wants to continue publicizing his distorted and false works, I suggest he do it in Iran, where he will find a supportive audience.”

What nonsense.  The squelching of criticism in a democracy is the first sure sign of an emerging tyranny.

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Oded Golan Still Believes…

But of course he does.  Of course he does.  But it doesn’t matter what he believes because 1) he isn’t an archaeologist; 2) he isn’t a biblical scholar; and 3) he isn’t a theologian.

Further, there are lots of tinfoil hat wearing people who believe everything under the sun, from alien abductions to moon landing conspiracies to tiny children who wait for Santa to come down their chimneys at Christmas.  None of them are true but loads of people manage to assert them.

Golan has to believe.  His reputation, and his income, are on the line.  What’s he going to do, take up another trade?  That he believes what he believes just doesn’t matter.  And if he persuades others (like Shanks and Witherington) to believe so what?  He can’t convince people who know the subject.  He has no evidence.  He has no proof.  He has a box without provenance with a clearly forged phrase.  If that convinces people like Shanks and Witherington it’s only because they want to believe it too.

As Nina Burleigh has shown so convincingly, Golan wasn’t found innocent of forgery.

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Happy Easter

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