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The Israeli Goverment’s Repression of Palestinian Christians

During Holy Week… Because of travel restrictions in past years, the vast majority of Christians living in the West Bank have been stopped at checkpoints and prevented from attending one of the most important religious services of the year. Israeli … Continue reading

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From the Archives of Zwingliana

The Myth of the Swiss Lutherans, by Amy Nelson Burnett. Give it a read! The time is long overdue for a complete re-evaluation of the conflicts that wracked Bern during the 1530s and 1540s. This article will lay the groundwork … Continue reading

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Conjugal Infidelity is Misogyny

C.S. Lewis astutely observed – “A society in which conjugal infidelity is tolerated must always be in the long run a society adverse to women.”  What he meant is simple- a man who cheats on his wife hates her and … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods: Foul-Mouthed Adulterous Has-Been

It’s a question we’ve all been asking since he wrecked his Escalade and his life that Thanksgiving night 30 months ago. Who is Tiger Woods really? Part of the answer came Friday in a foul-mouthed, club-kicking back nine at the … Continue reading

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Pseudo-Christianity Pentebabbleist Style

Do these pentebabbleists not realize how wrong this is on so many levels for so many reasons?  This has nothing to do with preaching, church, worship, Christianity, faith, or sound doctrine.  This is mockery of proclamation pure and simple and … Continue reading

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Religion Journalists Have an Overinflated Sense of Knowledge

Stuart observes A new study looking at religious journalism has been produced by the Knight Program in Media and Religion at USC and the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron.  You can view the … Continue reading

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How They See God in Texas and Florida

Again, thanks to Chris Tilling for this- The idols which people make- turning God into a vision of themselves… wretches.

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Thank you Chris Tilling for posting this gem:

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Sometimes Facebook Makes Me Want To Scream

Especially when things like this are posted… Ok 1- The angels don’t have a say in the matter.  They don’t decide when things begin and they don’t decide when things are over. 2- The Bible never, not once, tells us … Continue reading

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Thomas Kinkade Has Died

The AP reports Artist Thomas Kinkade once said that he had something in common with Walt Disney and Norman Rockwell: He wanted to make people happy. And he won success with brushwork paintings that focused on idyllic landscapes, cottages and … Continue reading

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