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Fun Facts from Israel’s History

The founders of the modern state of Israel were predominantly European, secular, and socialist.  How times have changed.

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Total Depravity: The Case of Christopher Hooker

You may remember his name; he’s the former teacher from California who ‘fell in love’ with his student but who ‘waited till she was 18’ before they began their oh so serious ‘relationship’.  It seems that Mr Hooker can’t be … Continue reading

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Down in South Carolina at the ‘Rock Community Church’

At the “Rock: Conway’s Community Church’ they mailed out a postcard to folk inviting them to attend Easter Services. The problem, however, is that the postcard they sent is simultaneously gruesome and offensive. Look, their point is clear enough.  But … Continue reading

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[In modern atheism] For the sake of freedom God must be denied.  In this form atheism betrays its real dynamic idea.  Man wills to be master; therefore there can be no other master.  This kind of atheism is obviously the … Continue reading

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Faith arises in and with the abdication of the self which claims sovereignty;  it is the renunciation of independence, of one’s own sovereignty, and the recognition of the sovereignty of the God who reveals Himself.  … Unbelief is the disobedience … Continue reading

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If Tabor and Simcha are Right, Jesus Had Disciples Before Jesus Was Around!

Mark Goodacre writes I have recently been reading and greatly profiting from Amos Kloner and Boaz Zissu’s magisterial The Necropolis of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Perod (Interdisciplinary Studies in Ancient Culture and Religion 8; Leuven: Peeters, 2007) and I … Continue reading

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A Special Edition of ‘Book Recommendation’ in Honor of Emil Brunner

(Sorry my voice is so raspy. All that denunciation of depravity has taken its toll… )

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More Proof That the Media Just Doesn’t Understand Christianity

It’s Easter weekend. Naturally the news shows are lining up their Sunday guests and what a list they’ve put together.  According to Rachel Zoll on twitter- NY Cardinal Dolan will be on `Face the Nation;’ Rick & Kay Warren will … Continue reading

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How Doubting Thomas Came to Doubt: An Observation

The day of Jesus resurrection the disciples (except for Thomas, and Judas of course) were gathered in the same location in which they had eaten the ‘Last Supper’ just a few days before.  Suddenly the risen Jesus appeared and conversed … Continue reading

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Fish as a Religious Symbol

Joe Zias has an interesting contribution to the subject over on Bible and Interpretation. The origin of the fish as a religious symbol, appearing in many differing religions in the Old and New World, suggests that its origin, like fishing … Continue reading

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A Quick Question for Simcha Jacobovici and his Cohort

James Tabor remarked in the Washington Post yesterday “Legally, we could dig a tunnel and excavate, but you would have 100,000 Haredim burning tires.” Quick question: how long would it have taken you to call any of those of us … Continue reading

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Originally posted on XKV8R: The Official Blog of Robert R. Cargill, Ph.D.:
Twitter: Because when reason, logic, common sense, facts, evidence, and scholars all say “No,” you can always appeal to faith and beg the public to keep…

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Time May Move Forward, But People Never Change

On March 30th, 1861 the following notice was written in the Richmond Daily Dispatch– Yesterday was Good Friday; but we are afraid many of our friends spent it on the banks of the river, instead of in Church.–The day was … Continue reading

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Believe Me, Mark Goodacre Didn’t See the Face of Jesus in the Jonah Ossuary…

Mark was speaking tongue in cheek the other day when he mockingly suggested that he saw the face of Jesus in the Jonah ossuary, but that didn’t stop the film company run by Simcha Jacobovici from attempting to make it … Continue reading

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The Fishy Ossuary As Reported by the Washington Post

It’s a good article featuring our own Bob Cargill and Jodi Magness.  Be sure to give it a read.  I especially liked the closing lines… As to the residential neighborhood of East Talpiot becoming a hot spot for Christian pilgrims, … Continue reading

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To One and All

Have a peaceful Passover or Good Friday- whichever matches your condition.

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