Oh Methodists, You’re Just So Episcopal

Our local news channel is soliciting church news on its Facebook page, asking folk to let them know what their churches are doing for Easter.  This one caught my eye…

Ftn city umc starts services on Thursday with a Maudy Thurs service then a Tennabare Service on Friday, and then a Easter Service on Sunday with a Butterfly Release.

I’m guessing they mean ‘Maundy’ but who knows.  Since they’re Methodists it could be a celebration of Maude.  I think it fascinating that their Easter service will feature a butterfly release- because, as we all know- when Jesus came out of the tomb a bunch of butterflies were released by the Apostles…

I wonder if they’ll have an easter bunny on the altar too…  I hope it’s a chocolate one that everyone gets to take a bite out of.  Come to think of it, they could use a chocolate bunny for Easter Communion!

Methodists, you’re just so Episcopal.

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3 thoughts on “Oh Methodists, You’re Just So Episcopal

  1. Rev Tony Buglass 3 Apr 2012 at 4:31 am

    I’m particularly concerned at “Tennabare” – what will they bare? Or does “Tenebrae” really sound like that in certain parts of the US?


    • Jim 3 Apr 2012 at 4:32 am

      maybe it’s how Maude pronounces it…


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