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It’s Always a Very Good Idea to See What’s On Your Memory Stick…

Especially if you got it from someone else and if you’re going to show whatever is on it to a group of 9 year olds… The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has said it is investigating how a priest offering … Continue reading

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Human Self Confidence: The Greatest of All Absurdities

Doug reminded me of this brilliant quote from our friend Emil Brunner- Do you say yes to the God who comes to you in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Or are you and do you want to continue … Continue reading

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Breaking News! NT Wright Thinks the Resurrection is Important for Christianity!

Whew that was close.  What if he had said it wasn’t????  All of Christianity would doubtless have crumbled… Next week, NT will declare that the Bible is important for Christian theology!  Stay tuned!!!! [Calm down, Wrightians, it’s just a bit … Continue reading

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Multiple Murders in Oakland at Oikos University

A gunman who opened fire at Oikos University, a Christian school in Oakland, Calif., this morning, killing at least six people and wounding as many as five others, may be in custody, police said. According to police, the gunman entered … Continue reading

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Oh Methodists, You’re Just So Episcopal

Our local news channel is soliciting church news on its Facebook page, asking folk to let them know what their churches are doing for Easter.  This one caught my eye… Ftn city umc starts services on Thursday with a Maudy … Continue reading

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Fakes, Looting, and Artifacts Lacking Context

It’s really great to see ASOR taking proactive steps to address the problem of fraudulent ‘discoveries’ and artifacts publicized and lionized in spite of the fact that no decent, self respecting archaeologist deems unprovenanced items meaningful or useful: Dear ASOR … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Teacher Who Gave Good Grades in Exchange for Sex

Former Atoka High School teacher Casey Hauff, 32, has been arrested in Atoka, Okla., on 11 felony counts of sexual misconduct, one of those charges being that he allegedly convinced students to have sex with him in exchange for better … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Shmuel Ahituv!

Via Jack Sasson- Congratulations to Shmuel Ahituv for winning the 2012 Irene Levi-Sala Book Prize Award for his handbook, Echoes from the Past, published by Carta, Jerusalem, in 2008. The Irene Levi-Sala Book prize award is dedicated by the Sala … Continue reading

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Free Access to ASOR’s Journals During April

From ASOR- The American Schools of Oriental research is excited to announce free access to the current content of all three of our publications during the month of April. You are now able to access all content published in Near … Continue reading

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What? Really? A Conference About Dr Who and Religion???

People are aware that it’s a tv show, right?  Tv show.  You know, it’s made up… it’s fiction.  Its characters are invented by writers… etc. Personally I would be more excited about a Conference titled ‘Gilligan’s Island: The Function of … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Joel Watts!!!

Joel announces the fantastic news that his first book will be published in 2013 with the fine folk at Wipf and Stock. It’s title (tentatively) is Rhetorical Strategies of the Evangelist: Mimetic Criticism of Mark’s Gospel. Congrats to him!

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The Canaanite Village: Social Structure of Middle Bronze Age Rural Communities

Avraham Faust has uploaded a copy of his essay to Academia.edu titled The Canaanite Village: Social Structure of Middle Bronze Age Rural Communities, (Levant 37: 105-125). Certainly worthwhile reading.  Enjoy.

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Even Churches are Over-Sexualized

First we had the ‘Pastor’ in Houston who put a bed on his church roof to ‘bring attention to Christian sexuality’ and now the ‘Pastor’ who’s plopped a stripper pole on his platform so that he can ‘get people to … Continue reading

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The Latest Number of la Revue Réformée

Le nouveau numéro de la Revue Réformée est maintenant disponible. Dans ce numéro : – “Qui est mon prochain ? Action sociale et amour fraternel …” par Charles Nicolas. – “Le combat des Réformés Evangéliques au XXe siècle” par Daniel … Continue reading

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A New Study of the Theology of Musculus

Jordan Ballor’s dissertation, Covenant, Causality, and Law. A Study in the Theology of Wolfgang Musculus, will be published April 2012 as the 2nd volume in the Refo500 Academic Studies series. And Musculus, one of the prominent reformers of the second … Continue reading

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Meaningful Public Speeches: An Observation

A faithful-to-scripture sermon delivered by the world’s worst preacher is far more meaningful than the cleverest lecture delivered by the world’s best public speaker.  

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The Ideal Gift for Most SBL Presenters

It’s designed for karaoke but just imagine the possibilities!  It could be given to the hoard of SBL presenters who are really boring; or really awful singers who assault the ears of congregations around the world; or to each and … Continue reading

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Big Brother Really IS Watching You…

Every email to your child. Every status update for your friends. Every message to your mistress.  The U.K. government is preparing proposals for a nationwide electronic surveillance network that could potentially keep track of every message sent by any Brit … Continue reading

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