Kony 2012 and Invisible Children: Is it the Scam of the Decade?

It sure for all the world sounds like it.

First, it was the incriminating video of Jason Russell. Now, unbecoming footage of another one of Invisible Children’s charity directors has surfaced.  TMZ obtained a clip of Jedidiah Jenkins, Invisible Children Director of Ideology, talking in slurred speech about how “rad” it was that he collected $1 million. It was apparently shot in 2010 after Invisible Children won the cash in the Chase Community Giving Facebook competition.  “Here’s $100,000 for Haiti and $900,000 extra for me. Get on the bandwagon,” Jenkins says in the video.  Jenkins tells RumorFix exclusively that he’s unfazed by the video and that the vodka bottle was “clearly filled with water.”  “TMZ can’t ruin my reputation,” he laughed. “I’m not worried.”

TMZ can’t but he can ruin his own reputation and cast a pall over the ‘charity’.  I haven’t given to it (I have my own charitable channels from which I don’t deviate) and I definitely wouldn’t contribute to Invisible Children.  How can they manage money if they have so little sense.  To me, it’s a scam.

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