Creepy Prosperity Gospel Preachers and their Scammings

This is so annoying– not because these creeps are being revealed as wolves- since we’ve always known they were; but because people STILL support them.

Two former employees of the world’s largest Christian television channel Trinity Broadcasting Network are accusing the non-profit of spending $50 million of its funding on extravagant personal expenses.  Among purchases, the network founded by Televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch, is accused of misappropriating its ‘charitable assets’ toward a $50 million jet, 13 mansions and a $100,000-mobile home for Mrs Crouch’s dogs.  Their granddaughter, Brittany Koper, 26, recently filed her allegations in court after a brief appointment as the network’s chief finance director in July.

Guess what- when you donate to a TV ministry, knowing all we know about them, you deserve to lose what you have to no purpose.  I don’t feel sorry for the fleeced sheep at all.  They go bleating to the wolves and they know they’re wolves!  They aren’t defrauded, they’re willing sacrifices and as totally depraved as the prosperity preachers they support because they are enabling and empowering them.

Open up wide, Hell, more are headed your way!

Satan chewing televangelists

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