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Congratulations Eric Cline: Recipient of the Oscar and Shoshana Trachtenberg Prize for Teaching!

Well deserved!  And again, congrats!

If Bank of America is In Favor of Gay Marriage…

That means it really is wicked.  Because Bank of America isn’t in favor of anything that doesn’t rip off consumers and fatten its own coffers.  If you support gay marriage, you’re on the side of the greedy bankers.  Just so you know.

Banning gay marriage is bad for business, according to one top executive at Bank of America.  A proposal to ban gay marriage in North Carolina could drive away talent from the state where BofA is based (h/t Businessweek), Cathy Bessant, a global technology and operations executive at Bank of America, said in a video on YouTube earlier this month.

“We’re in a war with other states across the country who would love to have the jobs that we have today,” Bessant said in the video for Protect All NC Families. “Amendment One is a direct challenge to our ability to compete nationally for jobs and economic growth. Large corporations hate this kind of controversy.”

Ah yes, there it is.  Play to America’s real god- money.  That’ll get you support for anything and everything.  Because if it’s bad for business, well God forbid that we should question it.

Something Interesting that the Azekah Excavation is Doing…

If you’ve been following the Expedition page on Facebook you’ve noticed that they’re introducing dig participants in brief but interesting bios.

What a nice idea. They’ve got some interesting people participating. I don’t know who came up with it, but it’s a sharp notion.

Antonio Lombatti on the ‘Jonah Ossuary’ at Bible and Interpretation

Antonio’s essay is here. You’ll be impressed. It’s nail # 600 in the coffin of the Tabor-ian / Simcha-ian theory of the ossuary and their ‘earth shaking’ discovery.

Quote of the Day

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  — T. d. Chardin

Mars Hill: If They Patted Themselves on the Back any Harder They’d Break their Arms

Their braggadocia is here.

Last Year’s Easter Celebration at Mars Hill Church was one you’ll tell your grandkids about. For the first time in years, we gathered as one church, packing the stands at Qwest Field with over 17,000 people to proclaim the risen King Jesus. The result? The name of Jesus proclaimed to our city, over 700 baptisms, a Jesus flag high over the city of Seattle, and an unforgettable worship service.

Notice, it’s the Easter celebration that you’ll tell your grandkids about, not Christ.   Notice too that they don’t make disciples, they just baptize folk (and they’re happy to keep score just so you know how ‘successful’ they see themselves to be).  Then, Jesus is tossed in just to give their self important marketing ploy an air of spirituality. And this year they’re promising to do the same.

What Amos said to the Northern Kingdom could be said, mutatis mutandis, to Mars Hill pseudo-Church and its pseudo-Pastor Mark Driscoll:

Amos 4:4“Enter Mars Hill and transgress;
In Seattle multiply transgression!
Bring your sacrifices every morning,
Your tithes every three days.

5“Offer a thank offering also from that which is leavened,
And proclaim freewill offerings, make them known.
For so you love to do, you sons of deception,”
Declares the Lord GOD.

6“But I gave you also cleanness of teeth in all your worship centers
And lack of bread in all your gathering locations,
Yet you have not returned to Me,” declares the LORD.

7“Furthermore, I withheld the rain from you
While there were still three months until harvest.
Then I would send rain on one city
And on another city I would not send rain;
One part would be rained on,
While the part not rained on would dry up.

8“So two or three cities would stagger to another city to drink water,
But would not be satisfied;
Yet you have not returned to Me,” declares the LORD.

9“I smote you with scorching wind and mildew;
And the caterpillar was devouring
Your many gardens and vineyards, fig trees and olive trees;
Yet you have not returned to Me,” declares the LORD.

10“I sent a plague among you after the manner of Egypt;
I slew your young men by the sword along with your captured horses,
And I made the stench of your camp rise up in your nostrils;
Yet you have not returned to Me,” declares the LORD.

11“I overthrew you, as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah,
And you were like a firebrand snatched from a blaze;
Yet you have not returned to Me,” declares the LORD.

12“Therefore thus I will do to you, O idolaters of Mars Hill;
Because I will do this to you,
Prepare to meet your God, O Driscoll-ites.”

13For behold, He who forms mountains and creates the wind
And declares to man what are His thoughts,
He who makes dawn into darkness
And treads on the high places of the earth,
The LORD God of hosts is His name.

The Lord alone is worthy of glory- not your church or your accomplishments in the flesh- your self aggrandizements and your damnably heretical false teaching are fit only for destruction.

Karl Barth on his ‘Epistle to the Romans’

Oh boy this is a treasure!

How Long Will it Be Before Fox News Jumps from ‘Pot Residue in Trayvon Martin’s Bag’ to ‘Pot Crazed Kid Tries to Kill Honest Gun Toter’

News from the AP that Trayvon Martin was suspended from school because pot residue was found in his bag.  I’d wager a month’s pay that before the day is out Fox News or one of the racists who has been panting to excuse Zimmerman will blame Martin for the attack and claim that he was high when he did it.

Let the immoral accusations commence (even though the fact remains that Martin is dead and Zimmerman, his murderer, continues to be free).

Ontario, Canada- The Nasty Nevada of the North

Prostitute waiting for customers. Español: Pro...

Ontario’s top court has legalized brothels, saying Canadian prostitution laws unfairly discriminate against prostitutes and their ability to work in safe environments.  A panel of five judges wrote that the law banning common bawdy houses “is grossly disproportionate” if all it aims to do is keep public order in a neighborhood and maintain public health standards.  “The record is clear that the safest way to sell sex is for a prostitute to work indoors, in a location under her control,” the judges wrote in a much anticipated ruling.  “The impact on those put at risk by the legislation is extreme,” the judges added.

However, the court stopped short of allowing prostitutes to openly solicit customers on the streets. The court ruled that prohibiting solicitation remains a “a reasonable limit on the right to freedom of expression.”

That last part is amusing.  They can ply their trade, they just can’t ply the streets to do it.  No worries, ladies of the scarlet letter, the ‘customers’ will find you…

Total depravity always finds a way to justify its behavior.

From the Archives of Zwingliana: Nit fürchten ist der Harnisch: Pfarramt und Pfarrerbild bei Huldrych Zwingli


Zwingli on the bronze doors by Otto Münch (193...

Zwingli on the bronze doors by Otto Münch (1935) on the Grossmünster in Zürich, Switzerland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nit fürchten ist der Harnisch: Pfarramt und Pfarrerbild bei Huldrych Zwingli was written and published in 1992 by Hans Scholl (who also wrote a really fantastically brilliant book titled Verantwortlich und frei).   I thought it worth mentioning since today is the anniversary of the publication of Zwingli’s ‘The Shepherd’.  Do enjoy it.

Congratulations to Aren Maeir

Aren’s just received official word that he’s been advanced to the rank of full Professor.  Well deserved and congratulations to him!  Here he is hanging out with some notorious folk at SBL a few years back.

A New (To Me) Biblioblog

Focused primarily on Old Testament and epigraphy- Matthieu Richelle.  Take a look.

Some Parents are Just Awful Human Beings

The Associated Press notes

Organizers of an annual Easter egg hunt attended by hundreds of children have canceled this year’s event, citing the behavior of aggressive parents who swarmed into the tiny park last year, determined that their kids get an egg.  That hunt was over in seconds, to the consternation of egg-less tots and their own parents. Too many parents had jumped a rope set up to allow only children into Bancroft Park in a historic area of Colorado Springs.

And then

Parenting observers cite the cancellation as a prime example of so-called “helicopter parents” – those who hover over their children and are involved in every aspect of their children’s lives – sports, school, and increasingly work – to ensure that they don’t fail, even at an Easter egg hunt.  “They couldn’t resist getting over the rope to help their kids,” said Ron Alsop, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and author of “The Trophy Kids Grow Up,” which examines the “millennial children” generation.  “That’s the perfect metaphor for millennial children. They (parents) can’t stay out of their children’s lives. They don’t give their children enough chances to learn from hard knocks, mistakes.”

It’s not just that- it’s the fact that they are teaching their kids to be completely selfish.  Get what you want and don’t worry about the other kids.  It’s depraved, and sickening.  Worse, when these kids grow up they’ll be just as self interested as their selfish parents have taught and trained them to be.

Remember when parents taught their kids – ‘let others go first, wait your turn…’  Yeah, those days are long over and quite dead.

The True Shepherd

On 26 March, 1524, Huldrych Zwingli’s most sustained treatment of the theology of the pastorate was published- Der Hirt: wie man die waren christlichen Hirten und widrumm die valschen erkennen, ouch wie man sich mit inen halten sölle / durch Huldrychen Zvingli beschriben jm M.ccccc. und xxiiij. Jar.

It’s- even now- spectacularly insightful. Who is a true shepherd and how can the false be spotted and exposed? Those are the core issues which Zwingli addresses and they are issues as important now as they were in the 16th century.; especially with the rise of mega-churches, emergent deceivers, and heretical television and radio ‘preachers’.

He begins (after the preface)

Es habend im alten testament die propheten und im nüwen vil frommer, fürnemer Christen warnungen und ermanungen an die hirten gethon, als man noch häll in ihren geschrifften sicht, o aller liebsten in gott brueder unnd mitdiener in dem xind gottes. Darumb ich hoff ouch mir zimmen ernstlich unnd trülich mit üch von unserem ampt ze reden, voruß in diser götlichen versamlung, darinn so vil hundert hirten und hochgelerter menner sampt der grossen schar des wortgotzdürstigen volcks zesamen kommen sind.

Nun wolan! Got gebe gnad! Ein hirt und die schaff, die er weydet, tragend ein so clare glychnus gottes und unser, daß die gschrifft des alten testaments allenthalb das götlich fürsehen und hußhalten über uns arme menschen under der bildnus des hirten, darunder gott, unnd der bildnus der schaffen, darunder wir verstanden werdend, harfürbringt. Ouch hat sich unser säligmacher Jesus Christus selbs einen hirten genent Joan. 10. [Joh. 10. 11], darumb, das er die ware weid und spiß, darzuo der fuorman oder hirt ist, der uns uß dem finsteren stal der unwüssenheit und banden der menschlichen leren in das liecht der götlichen wyßheit und fryheit der sünen ingefuert hat.

You’re invited to read the whole at the link above.

Comment Policy Simplified

Evidently my long standing comment policy is too intricate and meticulous so I’ll simplify it:

I’ll approve your comments if I want to. If I don’t, don’t bother whining, just post your remarks on your own blog. Who knows, someone besides your mom might see them.

Comments are a privilege which I, the owner of this little spot, may or may not grant in an utterly capricious way. Feel blessed if yours appear and don’t be a crybaby if they don’t. That is all. We now return to our previously scheduled programming.

Easter’s Almost Here…

Which can only mean one thing: mega-Churches will soon announce that they are foregoing worship on Easter Sunday so that people can spend time with their families at the park hunting eggs in tall grass.  Or better yet, gathering at a park where a helicopter has been hired to drop treats from the sky into the hands and mouths of the waiting kiddies below.

Oh modern ‘Christianity’… you do amuse.

Rude Youths, No More Free Ride

London Mayor Boris Johnson will today promise to withdraw the right to free public transport travel from young people who fail to give up their seats for the elderly, pregnant or disabled.

You go, Boris! Those rude young thugs need a good lesson thumped into their selfish little heads.

Mr Johnson, who is standing for re-election this year, will unveil his transport manifesto, in which he is expected to announce a tougher code for behaviour on buses, trains and the London Underground. It follows a similar move to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour on Transport for London services by banning passengers from drinking alcohol. Mr Johnson will announce that young people who do not give up their seats, who are offensive or use threatening language, or who fail to be courteous and polite to travellers and staff will lose their free travel passes.

Rid the world of the rude. That should be his campaign slogan.

A spokesman for Mr Johnson’s re-election campaign said the plan would be “self-enforcing” and would bring about a change in attitudes towards impolite behaviour.

I don’t see how it can be ‘self enforcing’. They clearly need armed law enforcement on public transport to take the thugs out…