The Anglican Covenant is Dead in the Water

The BBC reports

The Church of England cannot sign up to a plan aimed at preventing the global Anglican Church from splitting up after half its dioceses voted against it. The Archbishop of Canterbury backed the Anglican Covenant in a bid to ensure divisive issues – such as gay bishops – did not cause the Communion to split. The Lincoln diocese has become the 22nd of 44 CofE dioceses to reject the plan. The covenant had already been rejected by conservative global Church leaders, whom it was intended to placate.


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The idea of a covenant grew out of fears that disagreements over the gay issue between different provinces of the worldwide Anglican Communion would lead to irreconcilable splits in the Church. The arguments centred on the appointment of bishops in non-celibate gay relationships, and the blessing of same-sex unions, in Anglican churches in the US and Canada. Some provinces in Africa, Latin America and Asia vehemently condemned these developments.

So in short the Episcopal Church and the Canadian Anglicans have seen to it that the Anglican Communion is now permanently and irrevocably fractured.  The tyranny of the tiny minority strikes again.


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    The Covenant that would have created a hierarchy of churches within the Anglican Communion has died by mutual consent of both sides of the fracture, perhaps it is time for the Anglican Communion to decide whether or not they shall remain in communion or just become seperate churches or admit that they can move beyond the smaller issues causing division and come together in Christ.


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