Pat Robertson is Vile: Pat Thinks Peyton Manning Should Be Injured Because the Broncos Traded Tebow

No one from the deepest lair of hell harms Christianity more than Pat Robertson.  He’s a loathsome troll of a man who should shut up- forever.

Televangelist Pat Robertson is not happy with the Broncos shipping out Tim Tebow. So unhappy that he’s wishing Peyton Manning bad karma.  Robertson has his own bounty out on the new QB.  Robertson said Denver treated Tebow “shabbily” after all he did for the “nothing team” last season.  “And you just ask yourself, OK, so Peyton Manning was a tremendous MVP quarterback, but he’s been injured. If that injury comes back, Denver will find itself without a quarterback. And in my opinion, it would serve them right,” he said on the 700 Club.

It would serve them right?  Pat, you’re perversity enfleshed.    Hell is going to enjoy you.  It already does.

8 thoughts on “Pat Robertson is Vile: Pat Thinks Peyton Manning Should Be Injured Because the Broncos Traded Tebow

  1. I think he belongs in one of Dante’s lower levels of hell, the ones below the medieval popes.


  2. Jim,

    While I don’t at all agree with what Robertson said, I don’t think he’s saying that Manning should get hurt. (Thus the headlines of the articles you provide links for are all wrong.) If I read him correctly, he’s just saying that *if* Manning gets hurt — which very well might happen, given his condition — Denver will be without a quarterback, and that *that* would “serve them right”. Isn’t that very different from saying that Manning should get hurt?


  3. Is there nothing Pat won’t give an opinion on?

    Pro 17:28 NET. Even a fool who remains silent is considered wise,
    and the one who holds his tongue is deemed discerning.


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  5. Serves him right for what? For trading players?

    Where, exactly, in the Bible is there any passage forbidding professional football teams from trading players? I’ve never seen that verse.


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