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The Birth of a Book

Birth of a Book from Glen Milner on Vimeo.

Reason 129,093 That God Should Destroy the World

America is SO fixated and obsessed with celebrity that if a silly actor breaks wind, it becomes a fad.  ‘Oh, Angelina broke wind today, so all the cool people are doing it…’

Americans have even become so slathering and sycophantish that if a movie is made and the actors subjected to a workout routine to prepare for it, said workout too must be shoved down the throats of the baby-bird like masses who constantly have their gaping mouths open waiting to receive any of the vomit which flows from Hollywood’s worm filled mouth.

Dear God,

No one could blame you if you said ‘enough’.


My Astute Readers: Scholars and their Doppelgangers

One of my devoted readers sends along this photo array titled ‘Scholars and their look-a-likes’…  I’m hopeful that it will turn into a series!

Mozart Soothes the Soul

For A Scientist He’s Pretty Stupid

Oxford University graduate Paul Frampton was stopped at an airport in Buenos Aires as he tried to board a plane to Peru after police discovered two kilos of cocaine in his suitcase. …  Divorced Mr Frampton, 68, has protested his innocence and is claiming the drugs were planted in the suitcase without his knowledge in a honeytrap sting involving a model he met on the Internet.  The British-born scientist, who now lives and teaches in the States, is said to have told investigators a woman purporting to be the model’s agent persuaded him to take the suitcase with him after he flew to Argentina to meet his online girlfriend.

Everyone knows that when you travel you NEVER take a bag someone hands you and asks you to take for them.  They ask you at security if the bag was in your control or if someone asked you to take it with.  So either the good Professor is lying, or he’s the world’s dumbest scientist (with all due respect).

Plus, traveling all the way to South America to meet someone he met online????  Please!  Who does that if their IQ is above 20?

The whole story is really, really fishy…

If I Were You I Would Flee Florida- You Can Be Killed There ‘In Self Defense’ Even if You’re Running Away

I find it remarkable that people will kill for a bit of stuff.  But it seems that it’s ok to do just that down in Florida, the swamp (in so many ways).  No, I’m not referencing the tale of Trayvon Martin.  This is another incident:

As Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law finds itself in the spotlight after the shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, another controversial case: A judge yesterday threw out the murder charge against Greyston Garcia, who chased down a would-be burglar and stabbed him to death, because she determined Garcia was defending himself. She cited “Stand Your Ground” in her decision to declare Garcia immune from prosecution; the 2005 law says citizens no longer have a duty to retreat when faced with danger. Police have also cited it in their decision not to arrest George Zimmerman, who shot Martin.

Did you get that, a ‘would-be’ burglar was stabbed to death!  A real life murderer trumps a would-be burglar in the ranks of the depraved any day.

Sure, honestly, I can see defending your family.  If anyone attacked my family or friends I’d butcher them like Hannibal Lector and not feel a bit badly about it.  And I can even see chasing off folk if they’re taking your stuff.  But chasing down someone who tried to steal your material nonsense and killing them with a knife?  Come on!  When did stuff become more important than life?

In this case, Garcia, 25, was alerted by a roommate that Pedro Roteta, 26, was behind his apartment with another person attempting to steal the radio in Garcia’s truck. Garcia grabbed a knife and chased Roteta more than a block before killing him, the Miami Herald reports. Roteta was unarmed other than an unopened pocketknife that never left his pocket, and Garcia admitted that though he “never saw a weapon,” he thought Roteta was about to stab him so he struck first.

Of course in Florida just say you feel threatened and you can butcher someone for their attempting to take your stinking $100 car radio.  Radios are SO difficult to replace.

Good grief that’s messed up.  Messed up.  I’ll not be going to Florida.  Some angry atheist down there could say I raised a toe to them and they felt threatened so they gunned me down with their Uzi.  And an idiot judge would say “OK’.

Look What Vision TV in Canada is Airing!

Apparently Discovery Channel isn’t interested in the ‘Jesus Discovery’ anymore and it’s to air on some Canadian channel called ‘Vision TV‘.  Notice these tidbits from the tv advert-

Simcha Jacobovici is a multi-award winning television producer, director, Professor of Religious Studies, Huntington University in Ontario, Canada, and the author (with Charles Pellegrino) of The New York Times bestseller The Jesus Family Tomb. Currently on VisionTV, he can be seen as the host of The Naked Archeologist.

Professor.  That was a quick promotion!  God bless him!

“We now have new archaeological evidence, literally written in stone, that can guide us in properly understanding what Jesus’ earliest followers meant by their faith in Jesus’ resurrection from the dead—with his earthly remains, and those of his family, peacefully interred just yards away,” Jacobovici said.

Yeah, well, um, no, we don’t have anything of the sort actually.  Now here’s my favorite bit (which I’ve taken a screenshot of given their penchant for changing things when egregious errors are pointed out) :

You should know something:  there isn’t a biblical scholar, academic, Professor of Religion, or even sensible reader of the Old Testament who calls the ‘big fish’ of Jonah a ‘whale’.  No one.  You will search in vain in scholarly literature for any mention of a whale in Jonah.  Here’s the Hebrew text, with the relevant words emphasized:

וַיְמַ֤ן יְהוָה֙ דָּ֣ג גָּדֹ֔ול לִבְלֹ֖עַ אֶת־יֹונָ֑ה וַיְהִ֤י יֹונָה֙ בִּמְעֵ֣י הַדָּ֔ג שְׁלֹשָׁ֥ה יָמִ֖ים וּשְׁלֹשָׁ֥ה לֵילֹֽות׃

‘Dag gadol’ means ‘big fish’.  That’s all.

If the level of scholarship evidenced by this singular example is anything to go by- well… imagine the worst.

For the first time in my live I wish I lived in Canada so I could watch, and live blog, the ‘special’.  I’d do it right.

UPDATE:  Looks like I’ll get the chance…  Antonio Lombatti writes-

Discovery TV has confirmed that the one hour special titled “The Resurrection Tomb” will air on Thursday, April 5th, at 10pm EST.
Poor America- Canada-ized.  But at least it won’t be aired between 8-10.

Now That it’s Available: A Repost- Gordon Wenham’s “Psalms as Torah”

Back in December I posted a ‘preview’ of a forthcoming book by Gordon Wenham.  Now that it’s out (it just appeared a couple of weeks ago) I thought I’d do what a few of you do- I thought I’d repost it.  So, here it is:

I have to say, it really is quite an impressive bit of work. I have no reservations at all in commending it to you.

Do You Know The Difference Between the Swiss and the French?

Aren Maeir humorously observes (on FB)

In light of the remarkable performance of the French anti-terrorist squad (several hundred highly trained anti-terrorist commandos take two days to overpower a single terrorist…), one is reminded of the old joke about the difference between the Swiss Army Knife and the French Army Knife…


A Bibliographical Blog

RUG Bibliotheek GGW. It’s in Dutch but you’ll still be able to make good use of it- since many of the titles are in English and German.  I’m adding a link to the sidebar under ‘Useful Sites’. Very helpful indeed for we book-o-philes.

The World’s Worst

Violators of religious freedom that is. Here are the highlights-

– In Egypt, the transitional government has failed to protect religious minorities, especially Coptic Christians, from violent attacks at a time when minority communities have been increasingly vulnerable.

– “These governments too often stand idly by in the face of violent attacks against religious minorities and dissenting members of majority faiths.”

– Iran and China remain gross abusers of human rights and among the world’s worst religious freedom violators. Iran continues to detain, torture, and execute its citizens, and in the past year, Baha’is, Christians, and Sufi Muslims have been subjected to intensified attacks, harassment, detention, and imprisonment.

– In China — the only CPC designee with a seat on the United Nations Security Council – conditions for Tibetan Buddhists and Uighur Muslims are the worst in decades and in the past year, Beijing has stepped up its crackdown on Protestants and Catholics. Dozens of unregistered Catholic clergy, for example, remain in detention or have disappeared.

– The Report highlights the mistreatment of Ahmadis, Hindus and Christians in Pakistan, Buddhists in Vietnam and China, and Baha’is in Iran and Egypt. The report repeatedly notes the brutal assaults endured by Christians seeking to practice their faith peacefully. Muslims, too, suffer in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan, and non-Muslim nations like Russia and Burma. The Annual Report also calls attention to the promotion of anti-Semitic bigotry in countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

– The following countries are on the 2012 Watch List: Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Laos, Russia, Somalia, and Venezuela.

And some silly people think that there isn’t a war on faith.  Obviously such persons never read.

Quote of the Day

Even slight bickering (in the Church) makes a real disturbance. — Albert Schinz

Bob Cargill Gives a Course on Digital Manipulation

And how it has been employed recently. Enjoy

Karl Barth Videos

Wow, who knew…  with thanks to Wesley Hill for mentioning this one-

There are more, all available here. I like this one best because he chats a little about Bultmann!

Oh, and don’t study in America! 😉

Ok People, Dead Relatives aren’t Looking Down on You From Heaven

And they aren’t putting crosses in chips to comfort you. Stop thinking they do. Christ is your only comfort in life and in death. Enough of this pseudo-Christian nonsense.

White Savior Syndrome

The Atlantic has a very intriguing essay titled ‘The White Savior Industrial Complex‘.  Here’s the core of it-

But I disagree with the approach taken by Invisible Children in particular, and by the White Savior Industrial Complex in general, because there is much more to doing good work than “making a difference.” There is the principle of first do no harm. There is the idea that those who are being helped ought to be consulted over the matters that concern them.

Read it all.  And think before you try to ‘improve the lives’ of people who may want you to just leave them be.

Mohammed Merah is Dead

Ha’aretz confirms it on twitter-

Police officially confirm the death of #Toulouse shootings suspect.

Quote of the Day

But let every one of you keep the Sabbath after a spiritual manner, rejoicing in meditation on the law, not in relaxation of the body, admiring the workmanship of God, and not eating things prepared the day before, nor using lukewarm drinks, and walking within a prescribed space, nor finding delight in dancing and plaudits which have no sense in them. —  Emanuel Contac

France is Producing Very Strange Folk Lately

A fringe candidate for next month’s French presidential election on Wednesday alleged that the Queen of England owes her fortune to drugs money laundered by “Jewish bankers in The City”. Jacques Cheminade, an independent, is one of 10 candidates who has been cleared by France’s Constitutional Court to run in the April 22nd first round of the battle to unseat incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy. It ought to be a tough list to get on — former prime minister Dominique de Villepin and several other leading figures failed to make the cut — but little known Cheminade was one of the first to gather 500 mayors’ signatures. Few in France have any idea what Cheminade stands for, as he represents no political party and has a low media profile. But, now that the campaign proper has begun, French broadcasting fairness laws require he be given as much exposure as any other candidate, such as Sarkozy or opinion poll frontrunner and Socialist champion François Hollande.

Racism in France is on the rise. This guy might have a chance to be elected. He’s the French version of Rick Santorum- the guy no one thought would get anywhere…

Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

About to appear on a tv program!!!!

Stanley Thornton Chris Tilling is 31, but his greatest pleasure comes from wearing a diaper, drinking his bottle and sucking on his pacifier. He knows he is overaged and oversized for such games, but since his early teens, Thornton Tilling has found comfort in his private obsession. He even has a crib — 3 feet long and 6 feet wide. “I found a way to make it work,” said Thornton, Tilling, a former security expert from Redding, Calif theologian from Batter-sea, U.K. “It’s a twin bed with four side rails.” Thornton Tilling’s obsession started when he was 13 and he began wetting the bed.

Poor Anja!