Zionists as Israel’s Worst Enemy

…  What do you call a group that, at a time of extreme tension in the most incendiary location in the Old City, supports fundamentalist radicals in a push to overturn a precarious balance between faiths, a move that could set off massive violence and cause untold damage to Israel?   Answer… : The Zionist Organization of America.  You know the one. “The oldest pro-Israel organization in the United States.” The proud, unrelenting crusader against demonization of Israel.

In a recent statement, the ZOA took up the plight of radical rightist Jews who demand the right to pray on the Temple Mount. No matter that the demand is in direct violation of long-established rabbinical prohibitions. No matter that it contravenes Israeli security regulations aimed at maintaining a fragile calm.

Zionists aren’t always friends of Israel.  Or the world.  In fact, come to think of it, ‘Christian Zionists’ aren’t the friends of either.

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