Is it Really a ‘Jonah Ossuary’ Or is it a Vampire?

Because no matter how many stakes are driven into the heart of Tabor’s arguments, the matter just won’t die.  On his blog Prof. Tabor continues to insist that the thing is the thing he and Simcha say it is…  but oh my goodness, it just isn’t.

Yet, if you’re still unconvinced (why???), Bob Cargill drives yet another massive nail in the coffin (to mix metaphors) – a nail which joins the dozen nails already driven in by Rollston, Magness, Meyers, and Galbraith to name just a tiny few.

Cargill also provides a helpful chart to assist folk in keeping up with the numerous twists and turns the vampire-esque Taborian Jonah Ossuary theory keeps taking…  and believe me, at this stage we all need a program guide.

Die empty unsubstantiated theory, die!

2 thoughts on “Is it Really a ‘Jonah Ossuary’ Or is it a Vampire?

  1. It’s Jonah and the Triggerfish. We’ve solved the ancient mystery of what it was that swallowed Jonahand delivered him to Nineveh! No more whales, sharks, or leviathans.

    Tabor, Jacobovici should be proud.


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