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אתם עם קשׁה ערף רגע אחד אעלה בקרבך וכליתיך

The Dumbest Headline to Come Out of the Ossuary Trial

Dumb?  Worse, it’s profoundly stupid and crassly idiotic.  Art Info might want to stick to art.  Their editors are dilettante’s at biblical studies and archaeology.

Here’s some art for you, Art Info-

Well deserved… ‘Congrats’.

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Written by Jim

March 16, 2012 at 18:24

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  1. […] discussion pertaining to it.Mark Goodacre posted on which ossuary is which, and updated with photos.Jim West gave an award for the dumbest headline about the James ossuary forgery trial. Tags: fish, Jonah, ossuaries, Talpiot, tomb, tropicalPosted in Bible, Christianity, historical […]

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