Zionism is Illegitimate: Rabbi Weiss

Rabbi Yisrael Dovid Weiss explains why he believes that Israel as a state is not legitimate.

That’s interesting isn’t it. I wonder how much hate mail he gets…

“This is against the will of the Almighty and this is not what it means to be a Jew,” says Jewish religious scholar Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, a spokesman for “Jews against Zionism”, who believes that Israel as a state is not legitimate. He says that Zionism has created “rivers of blood” and he opposes the occupation of Palestine.

On the threat from Iran and President Ahmadinejad he says: “He gives charity to Jewish communities and he says one thing: he has a problem with the oppression of the Palestinian people. And the words “wipe out” he constantly says that Iran doesn’t have a history and he is not talking about harming anybody he says that God will not allow this crime to happen. We concur with him that Jews are in danger because there is Zionism because it says in the Tora if you rebel against God, it will not be successful and there will be catastrophic results and Zionism has brought catastrophic results and it could be much worse.”

Watch the whole at the link.

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4 thoughts on “Zionism is Illegitimate: Rabbi Weiss

  1. arenmaeir 11 Mar 2012 at 8:16 am

    Now as you complain about Taliban like Jews – he is the par excellence example. He is a outcast, who even in the most extremist groups of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism is seen as a despicable, disgusting character.
    But Jim, as too often, you will drag, from even the sewer, anyone who will say something negative about Israel.
    That he in any way represents Jews, Judaism, and/or anything vaguely related to that, and that his opinions should be given even the slightest consideration (save, by the Iranians who invite him to Holocaust denial conferences!), is like saying the Mel Gibson’s father represents Christianity in general and the Catholic Church specifically.
    C’mon – get serious – I’m sure you can find much more serious Israel bashers than this clown!


    • Jim 11 Mar 2012 at 8:23 am

      i don’t know anything about the guy. finding a jew who isn’t a zionist is finding a follower of john hagee who isnt.


  2. arenmaeir 11 Mar 2012 at 9:27 am

    Actually, it is not hard to find Jews who are not Zionists. Many of the ultra-orthodox define themselves as such. But even in those crowds, this guy is considered a disgusting pig…


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