Open Wide Your Mouth, Hell…

Another one is on the way-

A Louisiana woman apparently kept her father’s severed body in an ice chest at her apartment for at least two years as she collected his Social Security check, police said.  At some point, she cut off his hands so that identifying him would be difficult, authorities said, but she never dumped his body as she had planned.

The love of money is the root of all evil mutilation of your parent’s remains…

Instead of reporting the death, the woman left his body on a bed at the apartment in Slidell, a suburb about 30 miles east of New Orleans. As it began to decompose, the woman told police she amputated the hands and placed them in a box in her freezer. She moved the rest of the body to a 160-quart ice chest, where much of it began to turn into liquid.

Open wide, hell…

Satan chewing lovers of money

Bibi the Fearmonger

Ha’aretz says

If it looks like a duck (frightened), walks like a duck (spreading anxiety), quacks like a duck (disseminating dread), then it must be a duck (a frightened fearmonger). Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who quacked his fearmongering speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee convention on Tuesday, proved yet again that Israel has never had a statesman quite like him – a statesman who has built his career on being an alarmist, and who boasts an impressive record of incessant, decades-long fearmongering.  “Mr. Terror” has over the years become “Mr. Iran,” fear-struck even by swine flu, frightening the public and insisting that every citizen be needlessly inoculated. These inoculations cost NIS 450 million, and some have been lying unused and useless in emergency storage since 2009.

And here’s the important part-

Leaders who spread anxiety are abundant in non-democratic regimes. But in Israel, these tactics evidently win elections, as has been the case for Netanyahu. What does he have to offer Israelis but fearmongering? And what will happen after, one way or another, he eradicates the present danger? Will we be infected with a new one? Will he invent one?

Unfortunately foolish AIPAC adherents love the fearmongering.  They thrive on it.  They live for it.

Netanyahu’s speech at AIPAC was interrupted 46 times by rousing cheers. He knew what he was doing when he delivered this speech at AIPAC, of all places. It is the home turf of conservative Jews, his natural bastion of sympathy, his America.

His America indeed.  Netanyahu’s America is a place where fear rules.  It really is his America.

Bitingly and scathingly our author notes

But if Netanyahu is giving a speech that favors missiles striking Tel Aviv over a nuclear Iran, then he should have found the courage to give this speech in Tel Aviv, where those missiles would actually fall. Not to a blindly, automatically, intoxicatedly cheering Jewish America, which is in no danger of even the tiniest missile.


Young Tel Avivians deserve to hear about their prime minister’s plans before the residents of old-age homes in Florida do.

Indeed, amen and amen.  How the people of Israel elected this guy is as much a mystery as how Americans elected Bush II.

Lenten Lunacy

With the second week of Lent coming to an end, there’s one thing Christians are giving up this year that’s a bit different from typical comforts like chocolatealcohol or meat.  Instead, in a move that just might benefit the earth as well as their health, thousands of Christians are giving up carbon this year, according to TreeHugger.  Dubbed “Carbon Fast,” the idea began with a small following started back in 2007 by James Jones, the Bishop of Liverpool.  Now a full blown movement operating under the non-profit Christian aid organization TearFund, it has spread to communities in the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, India, Hong Kong, Australia, and Brazil, American Progress reports.

It lines right up with sanity fast, a similar Lenten observance…  and it also aligns with the real purpose of Lent, which is to make observants feel better about themselves for a few weeks.

I’m Sure Some Activist Will Defend His Right to Be a Perverse Reprobate


Mr Beastiality is sure to have friends around the country who will be more than happy to side with him and proclaim his deeds ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal’ even.  And if anyone dare call into question the unnaturalness of it all, they will be scowled at and scorned and called intolerant.

Soon, kids will boast of their participation in beastiality and if they bring their dog to school as their prom date many will coo and praise and applaud.

Shortly afterwards, states around the nation will pass laws allowing inter-species weddings and it will all begin in Massachusetts.  People will vote to ban such things but the courts will side with the tiny minority and the behavior of the beastial-ists will become accepted and acceptable in a culture without ethical moorings.

If if feels good, do it.  It’s your life.  After all, you were born that way…

The case of an adult film producer charged with violating federal obscenity laws by selling movies depicting bestiality and extreme fetishes ended in a mistrial Tuesday.  Jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict against Ira Isaacs, voting 10-2 in favor of a conviction on 10 counts, including production and transportation of obscene material for sale, said defense attorney Roger Diamond. Laura Sweeney, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Department of Justice whose prosecutors handled the case in Los Angeles, declined comment.

Don’t worry Ira, your kind will soon be feted in song and on stage and a whole host of tv shows will serve up characters who engage in what you love.

Limbaugh Continues His War on Women

Here, it’s reported that Rush (unsurprisingly) said something misogynistic:

Rush is down at least 36 advertisers, and radio insiders think they’re not coming back, so it’s audience preservation time for him. Since Sandra Fluke is a radioactive topic, he found another woman, Traci McMillan, whose book on the politics and economics of food inspired Rush to say:

What is it with all of these young single white women, overeducated—doesn’t mean intelligent.

My guess is that Mitt Romney wouldn’t have phrased it quite that way, Rick Santorum thought it was entertaining, and Newt Gingrich would call the act of cutting and pasting Rush’s words from yesterday’s transcript another example of how coastal elites are ruining this country.

There is one piece of good news for Rush: Ashley Madison offered to buy his canceled ad inventory. Ashley Madison is like OK Cupid for married people who want to cheat. Going from Geico, Citrix and Quicken to an adultery hook-up site in less than a week tells you all you need to know about the Rush’s near future on the radio.

It also tells you all you need to know about Limbaugh’s audience.

Quote of the Day

If Romney couldn’t stand up to …

“the most strident voices in your party how can he stand up to Ahmadinejad?” [David] Axelrod asked.

“How are you going to stand up to the challenges of the presidency? These are tests. Presidential campaigns are tests. You are tested every single days in different ways. The Limbaugh thing was a test of leadership, and you have them all the time, and Mitt Romney has failed those tests in the campaign.”

The same could be said of all the Repub candidates.  They’re so afraid of hurting the tender feelings of the ditto-heads (the conspiracy theorists and nutbags who pine for every dribbling word out of Rush’s vile mouth) that they won’t call him out and denounce his vitriolic lunacy.  Which means they’re spineless to a man.

Is that really the sort people want to see in the highest office in the land?  Moral cowards?

Hear Hear! Person’s On the Mark

Ray Person, in a new op-ed at Bible and Interpretation, correctly observes

…I think Hendel’s and Atkinson’s notion of removing theological agendas [from the SBL] is ill founded, primarily because I see the larger issue of how advocacy relates to biblical scholarship in general and I think that biblical scholars have much to contribute to important contemporary issues within both religious communities and secular society.

Nice piece overall which I’m confident you’ll enjoy.

The Beatles and Talpiot???

There’s a connection (so to speak, analogically) and Mark Goodacre examines it, concluding

The Beatles analogy helps us to reflect on the nature of the case for the association of the Talpiot tombs with Jesus’ family and disciples.  If a filmmaker were to find a tomb in Liverpool in two thousand years’ time featuring names like John, Paul and George, he would not have found the Beatles.  John died in New York in 1980, he was cremated and no one knows for certain where his ashes are.  Some speculate that Yoko Ono still has them.  They are certainly not in Liverpool.  George died in Los Angeles in 2001, he was cremated and no one knows for certain where his ashes are.  Some say that they were scattered on the River Ganges.  They are certainly not in Liverpool.

The filmmaker of the future might imagine that the right way to find the historical Beatles would be to look for tombs in Liverpool, but he would be wrong. He might imagine that John, Paul, George and Ringo all lived together in the same street, as they did in the film Help!  He might speculate that they all died and were buried together too, along with members of their family.   It would all make for an enjoyable fiction, no doubt, and some might find it reassuring, but it would tell the scholars of the future very little about the historical Beatles.  The study of ancient history is more often about coming to terms with the missing pieces than it is about drawing lines between unrelated phenomena.

It’s a good piece with important insights.  Thanks to Mark for it and to ASOR for keeping us all informed about the real issues at hand and how those issues are addressed by real archaeologists.

We Need an Investigation into Limbaugh’s Use of Viagra…

After all, if he can criticize a law student for contraceptive use, he’s liable to the same critique- so we need to know: are insurance dollars going to pay for his Viagra?


If Rush Limbaugh doesn’t want to absorb some of the cost of female contraception as a health insurance consumer, others are wondering: Why should we pay for Limbaugh’s Viagra? “We know” Limbaugh “has used Viagra, which is covered by medical insurance plans,” Dr. Nancy Snyderman points out on MSNBC.Limbaugh was detained in 2006 by Customs agents for a mislabeled bottle of the little blue pills crossing the border from the Dominican Republic. Limbaugh said at the time that they were for his personal use, even though a prescription for them was made out to his physician to “protect” his privacy, “given the potential embarrassing nature of Viagra,” according to a note from Limbaugh obtained by the Smoking Gun.

Snyderman also notes that Limbaugh has been married four times, and has no children, so “I assume he has used some form of contraception.”

Well not necessarily.  He could just be infertile along with being impotent….

Signs of the Times

Check out the English translation of this perfectly sensible Hebrew sign at a swimming pool… it looks like the same kind of ‘translational skill’ one sees in sycophants of Strong’s Concordance.

Wallace Henry: Deceiver

Why?  Because anyone who attempts to drop the label ‘Prophet’ on a person like Rush Limbaugh is either as ignorant as a lump of dirt or a deceiver.

When the prophetic voice mutes itself the stones will clatter and shake. The sound is cacophonic and confusing, but the core of truth the prophets refuse to speak will throb its way out on the thudding stones. Rush Limbaugh proves it all.

First, who says prophetic voices are muted? Maybe they’re muted at the place where Henry panders to the mega-church ‘serve me, God’ crowd but in the rest of Christianity prophetic voices are alive and well.

Second, Rush Limbaugh isn’t a prophetic voice crying out to the world- he is a self serving narcotic addict who cares only to stir controversy and appeal to the far right wing of pseudo-Christianity.

Henry’s essay is an example of the worst sort of false-theology parading itself as legitimate. He’s either incompetent as an exegete of scripture or a deceiver.

Energy Independence? Really?

NPR tells us that the long desired ‘energy independence’ we’ve needed here in the States since the ’70’s may actually be within reach-

Rising gas prices have been the big energy story of the past several weeks. But many energy experts say that’s a sideshow compared with the really big energy event — the huge boom in oil and natural gas production in the U.S. that could help the nation reach the elusive goal of energy independence.  Since the Arab oil embargo of 1973, energy independence has been a Holy Grail for virtually every American president from Richard Nixon to Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama.  But now, it might just be within reach.

But will this mean lower fuel prices?  If you think so, you surely don’t know of the greed of American oil corporations.  Even if all our oil came from here, they’d still find a way to keep prices as high as possible and if a crisis wasn’t at hand, one could easily be invented.

Energy independence may change where we get our oil, but it won’t help the average American.

Death By Smartphone? Or Death By Free Will…

Taylor Sauer knew facebooking while driving was a bad idea.

So sad.  So tragic.  Knowing the hazards and doing it anyway… madness and immaturity combine to make a deadly result.

The 18-year-old college student said so in her last status update: “I can’t discuss this now. Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha.”

Haha?  But her poor family isn’t laughing.  And she probably wasn’t laughing either when she looked up from her phone to see the truck.

At the time, Sauer was driving 80 mph from the Utah State University campus in Logan to visit her folks in Caldwell, Idaho, and was passing the time on the four-hour drive by messaging her friend about the Denver Broncos, according to  Moments after her last update, she crashed her car into a tanker truck that was going 15 mph up a hill and was killed instantly.

Smartphone + Speeding + Immaturity + Bad Choices = Death.  It’s not the phone’s fault.  It’s the fault of choices badly made.  As horrible as this story is and as dreadful for her family (God help them), it was the consequence of free will.

Oh Sarah, You’re Really Unhinged Aren’t You?

Reports the Telegraph

Sarah Palin has not ruled out running for president saying “anything’s possible” as she cast a vote for Newt Gingrich at Alaska’s GOP Super Tuesday primary last night.

No Sarah, anything isn’t possible. There are a lot of things that will never happen. One of them is Palin being elected to national office. Even America isn’t that insane.

The former Republican vice-presidential candidate told a CNN reporter she would “seriously consider whatever I can do to help our country” when asked if she would agree to being put forward if the party faced a brokered convention.  The Tea Party darling also indicated she would consider running in the 2016 presidential race, if asked.

What you can do to help our country is stay in Alaska and watch Russia from your porch. You can be our early warning device always alert for that Russian invasion you’re expecting…

How It Stands with the Inevitable Loser

CNN tweets-

New delegate count from CNN: Romney 404; Santorum 165; Gingrich 106 and Paul 66 #CNNElections.

Obama and the Dems are dancing in private.  The Repub candidates have spent months trashing each other and exhibiting the sort of dysfunctional divisiveness that Congress has become known for.  When general election campaigning begins, the Dems will just have to re-air Republican adverts, reminding citizens that the Elephants despise one another and just aren’t capable of governing by consensus – the one thing Americans are demanding.

Obama must feel like Duke U’s men’s basketball team would feel if it learned it was going to play Billy Bob Community College.

Meanwhile, Elsewhere…

Teen girls in Afghanistan who are forced to marry against their will are setting themselves on fire.

Flayed by a fire she began herself, Aatifa’s childlike frame is painstakingly wrapped in thick bandages — her shrieks of “Allah” echoing around the hospital ward where surgeons prepare to graft skin back on to her skeletal torso.

Her wide blue eyes alternating between flashes of anger and wells of tears, the 16-year-old Afghan girl struggles to explain what led her to douse her own body in petrol, step outside and light a match.

Married at the age of 14, the young carpet-weaver, who has nine brothers and sisters, said her mother-in-law criticised her housework and encouraged her mechanic husband to beat her for allowing her mother to visit too often.

She complained to authorities but was berated for causing trouble. Later told that her husband hated her and would marry a second woman, she swung between anger and depression before carrying out her masochistic deed.

Aatifa poured petrol over her head and, once outside her home, lit the flames that engulfed two thirds of her body. Her brother found her and smothered her with his clothes before neighbours took her to hospital.

Afghanistan… it’s a byword for misery.