The ‘Trial of the Century’ Verdict Due March 14

According to BAR (with thanks to Tom Verenna for the tip) –

The Biblical Archaeology Society has learned that Judge Aharon Farkash of the District Court in Jerusalem will announce the verdict on the alleged forgery of the famous James “brother of Jesus” Ossuary on Wednesday, March 14 at 9 a.m. (2 a.m. EST).

Finally.  But more importantly- a court decision is totally irrelevant in terms of the authenticity or in-authenticity of the second part of the inscription.  The best scientific minds have declared it bogus.  What the courts determine concerning Golan et al has no bearing on the facticity of the science.

Courts aren’t competent to assess such matters, they’re only competence is the law.  So the verdict is meaningless either way.

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  1. The ‘Trial of the Century’ or the “Farce of the Century” ?

    Jim, this is a friendly advise – prepare your comestible hat !


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