Antonio Lombatti with Further Observations on Tabor’s Claims

Antonio has posted a photo of the ossuary in question and in his estimation it’s an amphora on it and not a fish!

In a post titled ‘Never Seen a Fish Depicted Upside Down‘-

I had already expressed my skepticism on the ‘Jonah and the big fish’ iconography. Frankly, I’ve never seen a fish or a fish-like image depicted upside down: I’ve realized it only after the publication of the photo of the ossuary. The picture was given to the press two days ago, but it was rotated. Therefore, I’m now convinced that it represents an amphorae like those found on several Second Temple Jewish ossuaries.

Tabor’s work is becoming fishier by the day.  If we had seen the photo of the ossuary itself instead of just Tabor’s deceptively cropped image days ago we all would have known instantly that his claims were patently false.  Now we all do without question.

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