Fun Facts From Church History

Of all the Christians in the 16th and 17th centuries, it was the Anabaptists who were most vociferously anti-intellectual and anti-education.  Anabaptists derided learning and claimed that their possession of ‘the spirit’ alone equipped them to speak of and for God.

All Christian anti-intellectualism in the modern church can trace its roots to the Anabaptists; despisers of learning in the Church unknown before their movement.

5 thoughts on “Fun Facts From Church History

  1. Luis A. Jovel

    And going back to the picture, did they deserved to drowned for being anti-intellectual? If this could still be practiced, our rivers would flow with many people, who would not merely be Anabaptists, who know have universities and places of learnings.

    Oh…how things have turned out to be!


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