Rollston Eviscerates the ‘Jesus Discovery’ Claim

In a lengthy and meticulous post at the ASOR Blog.  Simcha and Tabor are wrong on so many matters- but their central claim that the image they found is a fish is shown to be false-

By the way, the features of  this ossuary’s ornamentation that Jacobovici and Tabor contend are the “fins of a fish,” are actually a standard feature of a roof, namely, the eaves (which, of course, are important for directing the water away from a building).  Note also that eaves are visible in multiple of Rahmani’s drawings of ossuary ornamentation.  In short, this is not a fish.  It is a nephesh tower or tomb façade. …  the ornamentation on the inscribed ossuary is difficult to press into service as some sort of definitive marker of this tomb as “Christian.”  The most convincing interpretation is that it is a tomb façade or a nephesh tower.  This is not a very sensational interpretation, but it is the most reasonable construct of the totality of the evidence.

Of the inscription-

Regarding the reading of line two, I must  emphasize that I do not consider the reading “Yahweh” (i.e., the Greek form of it) to be convincing at all.  Simply put, this reading is wrong.

Tabor and Simcha are wrong on the whole thing- because they’re wrong concerning their central claims.  This ‘discovery’ is nothing that it has been claimed to be.  Read Chris’s entire post, it’s plenty of proof.  It’s real scholarship.