Michael Heiser on the ‘Jesus Discovery’

Seems Michael has about as much patience with pseudo-scholarship and pseudo-archaeology as the rest of us (or most of us anyway).

$imcha Jacobovici has busy. And amazingly, Easter is just around the corner (again). Oh, the irony.

The man who brought us the error-plagued Jesus family tomb, then the nails from the cross, now claims that he has found a tomb which held the remains of at least some of the disciples of Jesus. Granted, the article at the link is just a preliminary news leak to garner interest for an upcoming press conference where the world will get to see what $imcha has discovered.  Still, this announcement isn’t encouraging.

Read the rest.  Unlike Michael’s concluding sentiments, I think Tabor is neck deep in all this with Simcha and has already sullied his reputation.  Sadly.

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  1. Erlend says:

    Tabor has just published an article where he outlines his case:



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