ASOR’s Eric Meyers and Christopher Rollston on the ‘Jesus Discovery’

Eric and Chris have an important announcement here- and Chris has a followup here.  Read both!

ASOR is going to counteract the nonsense all month in March-

Professors Eric Meyers and Christopher Rollston will be the guest editors of the ASOR Blog for the month of March. ASOR plans to invites scholars in ASOR and the field to react to the proposals made by Professor James Tabor and Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici in their new book, The New Jesus Discovery. The ASOR Blog will host responses from scholars throughout the month of March, and these responses will be moderated by Meyers and Rollston. The discussion will start today (Tuesday, February 28th) will several posts from Meyers and Rollston.

This is exactly what’s been needed.  So bookmark the ASOR blog and keep your eyes open.