The Absurd Claims being Made about that ‘1500 Year Old Gospel’

Now even Al Arabiya has chimed in on the silliness- claiming that the manuscript is stirring a controversy.    No, it isn’t.  Claims to the contrary notwithstanding, this manuscript isn’t ancient, isn’t a gospel, and it’s just nonsense to pimp it off as if it were revolutionary or astonishing.

The discovery of the gospel that predicts the coming of Prophet Mohammed has been stirring much controversy especially in light of the contradictions it has with the Quran and the question marks surrounding its authenticity.   Despite speculations about the discovered text being the famous Barnabas Gospel, which foresees the advent of Islam, nothing so far confirms this hypothesis, including the Turkish newspaper Zaman.

Someone’s just wanting to make a film and sell a book.  After all, Easter is just about a month away…  and we all know how the crackpots come out of the woodworks when the 28th of February dawns.

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