More ‘Jesus Family Tomb’ Hype and Yet ‘Another Earth Shattering Discovery….’

From the Discovery Museum, word of an event this week at their establishment (via email)

James Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici, authors of the new book entitled “The Jesus Discovery,” will be on hand [February 28th at 11 a.m.] to reveal new evidence related to Jesus, the Resurrection, the birth of Christianity and the Jesus Family Tomb (the ossuaries featured in the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit that Simcha suggested once held the bones of Jesus himself). The discovery comes after the two explored a new tomb in Jerusalem following the discovery of the Jesus Family Tomb.

Uh huh…  Further from the ‘press release’ (it’s not really a press release if its simply self promotion, is it) –

LOCATION: Discovery Times Square, 226 West 44th Street, (Between Broadway and 8th Avenue, NYC)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Backdrop to include newly installed display of the tombs where the discovery was made, featuring original and replica artifacts. Interviews with Tabor, Jacobovici and Discovery Times Square will also be available.

MEDIA: Adam Miller – 201-964-2390
INQUIRIES: Nicole Hayes – 201-964-2372

All timed to sell their book too…

You have to give them credit where credit is due- they know how to use the media to sell their stuff and market themselves. It’s a shame that real scholarship hasn’t figured out how to do it too.

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