Anonymous Atheists

Just a note- to you anonymous atheists who wish to leave comments:  I don’t allow anonymous or pseudonymous remarks.  If you can’t own your words, they’re not worth the space it would take to allow them.

If you don’t like my ‘no anonymous comments’ policy I don’t care.  Take your remarks elsewhere.

And even if you leave a comment with your name, address, city, and phone number I may or may not approve them because, to be perfectly blunt, discussions with angry atheists are as meaningful as discussions with rabid fundamentalists.  In fact, the two are one.

So, get over yourselves.  What you have to say isn’t that important.  No, check that, what you have to say isn’t important in the least.  The toes of a gnat are more important.

[Oh, and since you insist on attempting to comment- just for your own info- some folk who use weird names are known- and since I know them I don’t care what name they use: they aren’t anonymous to me]

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