Yet Once More: Men Don’t Give Birth

A man believed to be the first in Britain to give birth has described his fears that his parents will want to “convert” him back to being a woman. The 27-year-old university graduate, who was born a woman but has had treatment to change his gender, gave birth to a girl in March last year, and admitted he had had to cope with concerns from his family. … However, he also revealed that another member of the family, an aunt, had not been so supportive. He said: “She wanted to know if I was going to stop being silly and become a woman again, she wanted to know if I was going to get rid of the silly new name I’d adopted. “She wondered how on earth I was going to cope when I was going against society in this manner, men don’t have babies!” The man made his comments on a blog he wrote, which has now been removed from the internet, and in forums. For transsexual parents.

Men don’t have babies.  Women who have had a particular surgery to become men may- but men don’t.  It’s a biological impossibility.

[And why is this guy in the news again?  He made the rounds here in the States last year on Oprah.  Is he now doing the same in the UK?]

Don’t Help Families, Tear Down Houses…

Funds meant to help struggling families in Cleveland are instead being used to knock down vacant and dilapidated homes left in the wake of the foreclosure crisis that ravaged this midwestern city. Over the past five years, Cleveland has spent $60 million coping with thousands of deteriorating, empty houses, and has had to divert funds meant to help poor families obtain affording housing, according to city officials.

Sad.  They’d rather use money to employ a few demolition companies than help poor folks.

“We would have much rather spent that money helping families and creating homes rather than knocking houses down that we believe are owned by some very well-resourced banks,” said Chris Warren, Cleveland’s chief of Regional Development. The city has come out swinging again and again against the banks, filing suits looking to get them to foot the bill for maintaining vacant homes.

We’d rather… but we won’t.

ESPN Has No Tolerance for Racism


And good for them.

ESPN says it fired an employee responsible for an offensive headline referring to Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin. The headline “Chink in the Armor” was used Friday on ESPN’s mobile website after Lin had nine turnovers in New York’s loss to New Orleans. In a statement Sunday, ESPN apologizes for that headline and also says it is also aware of two other “offensive and inappropriate” comments on ESPN outlets.

Insert loud applause here.

Anonymous Atheists

Just a note- to you anonymous atheists who wish to leave comments:  I don’t allow anonymous or pseudonymous remarks.  If you can’t own your words, they’re not worth the space it would take to allow them.

If you don’t like my ‘no anonymous comments’ policy I don’t care.  Take your remarks elsewhere.

And even if you leave a comment with your name, address, city, and phone number I may or may not approve them because, to be perfectly blunt, discussions with angry atheists are as meaningful as discussions with rabid fundamentalists.  In fact, the two are one.

So, get over yourselves.  What you have to say isn’t that important.  No, check that, what you have to say isn’t important in the least.  The toes of a gnat are more important.

[Oh, and since you insist on attempting to comment- just for your own info- some folk who use weird names are known- and since I know them I don’t care what name they use: they aren’t anonymous to me]

Richard Dawkins: There’s Slave Ownership in that There Family

Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and prominent atheist, is used to criticism from those who do not share his views on religion or the origins of mankind.  But he has expressed surprise at the latest attack which claims the scientist faces awkward questions because some of his ancestors were slave owners.  An article in the Sunday Telegraph reported that Henry Dawkins had amassed more than 1,000 slaves in Jamaica by the time of his death in 1744 and quoted campaigners calling on Dawkins to pay reparations.

Yes Dick, pay reparations!  It’s the very least you can do since your family was evidently so rich in slaves and destroyed so many lives.

Worship Does a Body Good

Heinrich Bullinger 1560

For man is neither created nor born to behold and gaze upon the stars, as the philosopher doted; but that he should be the image and temple of God, in whom God might dwell and reign; and that he should therefore acknowledge God, reverence, adore, call upon, and worship, and also be joined unto God, and live with him eternally.  —  Heinrich Bullinger

Preaching’s Importance

Whom God meaneth to bestow knowledge and faith on, to them he sendeth teachers, by the word of God to preach true faith unto them. Not because it lieth in man’s power, will, or ministry, to give faith; nor because the outward word spoken by man’s mouth is able of itself to bring faith: but the voice of man, and the preaching of God’s word, do teach us what true faith is, or what God doth will and command us to believe. For God himself alone, by sending his Holy Spirit into the hearts and minds of men, doth open our hearts, persuade our minds, and cause us with all our heart to believe that which we by his word and teaching have learned to believe.  — Heinrich Bullinger

Pollen Counts

Especially in studies of long past times.  And there’s a nice essay from a couple of days ago illustrating the point which includes these paragraphs-

Using a unique technique for separating fossilized pollen from the layers of plaster found in the garden’s waterways, researchers from Tel Aviv University‘s Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeologyhave now been able to identify what grew in the ancient royal gardens of Ramat Rahel. And based on the garden’s archaeological clues, they have been able to reconstruct the lay-out of the garden.

According to Prof. Oded LipschitsDr. Yuval Gadot, and Dr. Dafna Langgut, the garden featured the expected local vegetation such as common fig and grapevine, but also included a bevy of exotic plants such as citron and Persian walnut trees. The citron, which apparently emigrated from India via Persia, made its first appearance in the modern-day Middle East in Ramat Rahel’s royal garden.

Read the essay for much more.