Atheism: The New Gay, the Newer Chic Fad

For a while (back in the 90’s) it was considered chic by the ‘in crowd’ to ‘be gay’.  Consequently, there was a raft of Hollywood types who ‘became’ gay for fame and notoriety.  A prime example is, of course, Ann Heche, the erstwhile ‘partner’ of Ellen Degeneris.

Now, though, being an atheist is the path to fame, the new chic.  Be atheist enough (and young enough of course) and you’ll be feted and rewarded, like the atheist girl of Rhode Island who is going to cash in on her ‘belief’.

Soon, a whole lot of celebrities will become atheists or come out as atheists, because it’s chic.  Then, there will be atheist rallies all across the land, hosted by the likes of Hector Avalos and Bart Ehrman, pleading for the right to marry and to be considered ‘normal’ and ‘real people with real rights’.

But alas, like all fads, the atheist fad will run its course.  And then all the folk wanting to be chic will have to turn in another direction, their feigned ‘atheism’ melted away, and their quest to be ‘different’ will take on a new mask and cause- probably vegetarianism…

3 thoughts on “Atheism: The New Gay, the Newer Chic Fad

  1. “who is going to cash in on her ‘belief’.”

    If it weren’t for the Christians who threatened her with violence, she wouldn’t be much of a story and wouldn’t be able to cash in.


    • ‘if’- well who knows. perhaps they would have had a fundraiser for her anyway. we can’t deal with if- only that.


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