The Tea Party Wasn’t The Only Party This Guy Attended…

Still more hypocrisy from the ‘values’ people and (unsurprisingly) a politician:

A Nashville councilman and the founder of a Sumner County tea party group have been charged with patronizing prostitution.  Councilman Brady Banks, 33, and Sumner United for Responsible Government co-founder Matthew Moynihan, 38, were caught in a sting on Thursday after responding to an Internet advertisement for an escort service, according to a police account reported in The Tennessean.  …   Banks is the outreach director for Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation and a member of Nashville Emerging Leaders.

He’s out-reaching for something that’s for sure…  depravity.

2 thoughts on “The Tea Party Wasn’t The Only Party This Guy Attended…

  1. The Tea Party is focused on the deficit and debt, not values. In fact, if you had bothered to dig into it a bit, you would have found that Banks is actually a Democrat. That part seems oddly to be missing from these stories. I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative.


    • Doesnt matter if he’s a repub or dem. that’s why it isn’t an issue. And the tp folk – the majority anyway- are in fact ‘values’ voters. Ask them. There may be a few with a tiny focus on one issue but most are otherwise.


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